A Little of This & a Little of That

Several of today’s images have never been shown before.

I think that sometimes as nature photographers, we try a little too hard to find that great subject, and try a little too hard to create a complex composition.  There is nothing quite like a simple subject and simple composition.  A winter’s day, some blue sky and ice.DSC_4978DSC_4984

There is never a shortage of hybrid geese in this part of the world.  I would guess this is a Canada Goose/Greater White-fronted, or Canada Goose/Snow Goose, or Canada Goose/ domestic?  No Canada Goose at all?  If there is a domestic component in this bird’s lineage, it did retain the ability of a strong flyer.DSC_4877

A full-blooded Canada from the same day and location.DSC_4896-01

The job of a wildlife photographer is to tell the story of wild animals.  Part of that story is the gory details of predators and scavengers as they consume their prey.  If you happen to be making pictures in a zoo, well then the story becomes what man feeds these animals when they are in captivity.  In some cases, or at least in this case, they feed Cinerous Vultures white rats.DSC_0100

A couple of winter plumage White-winged Scoters.  I love adding new species to my photo list and back when I made this one, I was so excited that you’d think I had just found an Ivory-billed Woodpecker.  One of the joys of nature photography is or should be, adding new species.DSC_8353

Seeing eye to eye. I love getting up close and personal with insects like dragonflies.  This is one of the most physically difficult forms of nature photography to accomplish.  It also takes no small amount of technical discipline.DSC_7486

I see pano crops as well as pano stitches cropping (pun intended) up everywhere now.  It has been a favorite format of mine for about six years, and it gives the photographer one more creative tool in the effort to make interesting images.DSC_7437

I love rocks and when I find interesting ones you can bet that some sort of image will ensue.  I found this one on the shores of Lake Superior.  Too bad about that one line of graffiti.Slides3 026

I had been making grand landscapes all day but was slowly beginning to chisel out smaller sections of rock both in my mind, and with my camera. I was interested in this rock and that sky and nothing else when I made this image.  The contrasts between the warm rock, blue sky and white clouds fascinated me.  Of course I was interested in the unique shape as well.  This is northwest Colorado.ANatWRef 148b

Have a great day,                                                                                                                            Wayne

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