Dad’s Day

My father would be inching towards 94 years if he were still here today.  I often feel as though he is here, standing just in back of me.  Quiet and out-of-the-way, but ready to prop me up when necessary.

Our lives cross with many different kinds of people during our time here.  There is no better person than the one who stands strong and tough, while exhibiting tenderness and love.  That is the definition of my father.  Never once, not one single time in my life, did he abandon me.  I only wish I could say the reverse were true.

When dad began to get sick, he had to stop driving, cooking, and doing many of the things he had always taken for granted.  I was working six and sometimes seven days a week and about 70 hours on a day job.  My sister and I began to take care of Dad, but eventually I became despondent with a life of nothing but work and care giving.  After all I had a life to live too. Then I remembered when my mom was sick and dying with cancer.  My father gave 24/7 care to my mother.  He virtually never left her side until she died, and was sleeping on the couch ten feet away when mercifully, it finally happened.

Eventually he needed 24/7 medical care and he finally had to go to a nursing home.  He wasn’t happy but it never broke his spirit.  I will be grateful  if 1% of who my dad was, rubbed off on me.

Happy Father’s day,

The adult fox below is indeed the father of the little ones in the photo.  He was the best wildlife father I have ever seen.  He is perfect to illustrate my Dad’s Day post.Fox4 028Fox4 069

God Bless,                                                                                                                                                Wayne

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2 Responses to Dad’s Day

  1. ron says:

    Nice tribute to dad.

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