Short & Sweet

Google, one of the world’s largest and best known corporations, recently decided to have a photographer speak at corporate headquarters. With all the high-priced commercial advertising photographers in the world, and the famous fashion photographers, and with the world’s best photojournalists at their beck and call, they chose Art Wolfe.  A man who began as a nature photographer, and who still creates more nature imagery than anything else. Why Art?  Art is becoming (or is) the best known photographer in the world.  He is also very talented and has done it all. If you want to learn how to travel the world non-stop, be the best known photographer in the world, and also be successful at the business of photography, look at Art.  Of course anyone daring to try will also have to borrow his winning personality and positive attitude.  I know one thing, Art would rather be out making pictures than anything in the world, so that’s not a bad place to start.

Years ago I was getting ready to bed down for the night at the historic inn and former stage stop in Mt. Rainier N.P. in Washington State.   The place was beautiful but the rooms intentionally kept very simple.  Hardwood floors and Early American style bed, no TV (excellent) but a radio and a few magazines.  I picked up a regional magazine and as you might know (Art is from Seattle), there was an article on Art Wolfe.  He had been in B.C. Canada to teach a workshop.  I believe he flew into Victoria and wouldn’t you know his camera equipment did not make it.  Any high-end workshop teacher at Art’s level would shrug it off (he is being well paid) and teach his multi day workshop and just hope his equipment (not lost just delayed) would get here by the final day. He borrowed equipment and film from participants.  Even though he had been here before, he simply could not stand the thought of not creating images.  Successful photographers want to make images more than they want to be wealthy, famous or anything else

I guess when it comes down to it, what I have become best known for over the past two years, is sharing old images, again and again  Google’s not calling me so below you will find two of my favorite subjects,  sunrise/sunset, and falling water.1Grantfalls32d4d360DSC_01053DSC_0049b4DSC_68775Slides10 0286Cranes 003 (2)7MFallsBE 0358DSC_0004-019Slides5 03310ILL BEACH 03511KMFall 00612DSC_146913Pets70 01914DSC_7734

Life is a million miles long but it is traveled one tiny step at a time.  Every step has meaning and teaches us something.  Pay attention to the details or you will miss the journey!

This blog was supposed to be short and sweet.

“I have made this letter longer, because I have not had the time to make it shorter.”      Blaise Pascal

God Bless,                                                                                                                                               Wayne

Wayne Nelson’s Photostream

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