Playing Favorites

#1 Subject of all?  No matter how much I have written about all of those non-nature subjects that I have photographed, or how much I say I am connected to creating landscapes, and no matter how many times I have said that I’d rather be on my knees making nature macros than anything else, and my confession that abstracts may be the most freeing form of nature photography, or even all of those times that I said wildlife photography was for me first and foremost about mammals, the truth remains that I have made more images of our feathered friends than any single subject.  God Bless the birds.

With the exception of the pigeons, we are featuring the “boys in nature” today.

Male Downy Woodpeckers

Haw2011a 018Haw2011a 011

Male Red-bellied Woodpecker

Haw2011abcd 142

March of the Pigeons.  Diminishing returns?  Fading army due to depth of field.

Mute 114

Male Red-breasted Merganser


Male Northern PintailHorN1 068

HorN1 069

Male Northern ShovelerHorN1 012

When it comes to picking subjects to photograph my philosophy (since about 1986) has been pretty simple.   Make pictures of anything I find compelling, but always return to nature.  All of those things I have spoken and written about over the years, concerning my love and spiritual fulfillment as a photographer of the natural world, still stands.  I love photographing anything of interest but my commitment is to nature.


I have been wrong before, but it seems as though life is about experiencing as much as you can, while never forgetting what means the most.


For those of you nature photographers who live in this area of Wisconsin/Illinois U.S., Snapping Turtles should be digging nests and laying eggs.  When making pictures I always moved in close with purposeful but not rushed movements.  I shoot quickly and leave.

For all of you who read this blog who I know personally, this next section is not about you.  Snapping Turtles will not eat your children. They won’t grab you by the throat and they do not harm golfers on a golf course.  Locally a Snapper was out laying eggs in an area at the edge of a gold course and the turtle was beaten “almost”  to death with golf clubs.  They don’t eat golf balls.  If you don’t want your finger crushed by a Snapper there is a complex action you must take.  DON’T PUT YOUR FINGER IN THEIR MOUTH!  Daaaaa!!

For all of you who know me I am sure you will forgive my sarcasm.

Thanks for stopping and may God bless

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