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Not much happening here, literally or within the workings of my mind, so I have not been writing many articles. I have other internet locations where I also write and I haven’t done anything in those places for a long, long time. I guess I am (finally) beginning to run out of things to say and old pictures to show.  I would like to share a few links with you of photographers who are vibrant and who make images that have stories to tell.

Four great photographers:

Wisconsin photographer Kristen Westlake has spent no small amount of time and effort recently, documenting what is commonly known as “The Greatest Generation”  That would be those who survived the Great Depression, World War ll, and the Dust Bowl for some. The numbers grow smaller every year for these important Americans.  The portraits that Kristen has made are penetrating. The subjects are human art. Everyone should view them. This is a subject that is dear to me, and one that I have written about myself.  View her powerful work and support her in any way possible, because this is a vanishing generation that needs to be remembered. 

I have mentioned Laurie Rubin and her Images by Laurie website before. I only know Laurie through Facebook but she is an outstanding wildlife photographer. While she has made pictures all over the world she is well-known for her zoo photography.  She is the only zoo photographer that I have ever endorsed on this blog, but Laurie is honest about those images, and they may be the best zoo work I have every seen.  She recently won the Windland Smith Rice International award for the Zoo category. The winning image will be published in Nature’s Best Magazine, and be displayed today at the Smithsonian Natural History Museum in Washington D.C.   Congratulations Laurie

I don’t think I have ever sent you to view the work of Jess Lee.  He is another Facebook connection but unlike Laurie, Jess is a veteran.  He is a fine wildlife and landscape photographer (Jess Lee Photos) but some of his work with wild horses as well as rodeos is quite famous. He is a man after my own heart in his love for everything west. Jess offers workshops that include wild horse workshops.

I have never before shared with you a photojournalist by occupation.  Joel Sartore is a National Geographic photographer and a legend.  He leans towards nature but has no boundaries for his imagery.  I consider true photojournalism to be one of photography’s highest orders.  Art is a matter of opinion but the best photojournalists are artists……that is also my opinion. He has gravitas in line with Ansell Adams, Galen Rowell and others, and he deserves it. Joel Sartore.

I realize that all of you can find your own great photographers and links, but it makes me feel good to share them with you.  In a busy world it is easier to click a link than to search the web.

God Bless,                                                                                                                                             Wayne

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