The Stuff Dreams Are Made Of

In what is arguably the most famous detective movie ever made, Humphrey Bogart referred to The Maltese Falcon as, “the stuff dreams are made of”

I am a fundamentally common sense type of person.  I rely on logic first to guide me through life.  I am occasionally dismayed by the teary eyed world we live in today.

Just the same, those of you who have read my writings for a long time, know that I am also an emotional person.  A (very) few of you who know me well, have seen those emotions in real life.  In fact I firmly believe, that once you get past those logical decisions that we make……or that we use to make…… it is then time to emote.  Life without passion (an emotion?) is not only dreary, but it is very limiting. There is a reason why we have both a right and left side to our brains.

Whether you are nine years old or ninety, life without dreams (passionately speaking) is crippling.  That nine-year old has a future that has the potential for realizing dreams that reach onward into infinity. That ninety year old might only dream that the nursing home will provide a great lunch, or that their family will visit this week.  Dreams are important, no matter who you are, and what those dreams consist of.

Photographically Speaking:  Common sense and logic make for good photography.  They not only guide you to set your camera correctly for the best image, but they allow you to record images that others will relate to. Logic will help you produce imagery that will teach others about your subject.  Using logic can be an unselfish way to make excellent pictures.

Imagination and dreams are just as important to photography.  They allow you to step outside of what has been done previously.  Your images become just that, your images.  They give you something to shoot for.  A new plateau to reach.  Every picture made contains a piece of who you are….and what you dream of being.

More:  The Maltese Falcon was supposedly worth a fortune, and that is what the dreams of some are made of.  In the end, the statue did not provide the fortune that they hoped for.  Those that dreamed of the wealth that the Falcon would provide, were shattered and left without hope. That was too bad because the Falcon, and all such dreams, are about the journey.   They are about who we meet along the way. They are about the adventures that we encounter on our trip. They are about the rainbow, not the pot of gold.  They are about passing along the passion that accompanies those dreams, to others who have not yet learned to dream.

Ultimately the Falcon fulfilled its purpose.

Pass along the gift of dreaming to others.

Now on to a few photos

Colorado Dreaming:  Landscapes are all about, “what to leave in…what to leave out”ANatWRef 135

Shopping For a New Home:  This Eastern Bluebird couple appeared to be shopping for their dream house. They decided on the pre-fab model.  There were six or so pairs of Tree Swallows near-by, who were also looking for a house.DSC_0341

Sushi Or Not?:  It’s easy to look at this winter scene and think how nice it is that this young Bald Eagle will not go hungry.  The truth is there were about 400 eagles that were pulling fish out of the river on almost every attempt.  The temperature was -5 F and this was the Mississippi River in Illinois.1xSC_0111

The Morning After:  There is really nothing like the morning after a winter storm.Winter Pets 078

Happy Dreams (Daydreams?)

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