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More Wildlife Experiences by Ron Toel

The Smoky Mountains While driving around the loop at Cades Cove in the Smoky Mountains, I smelled a stench like I have never ever smelled before. I thought anything that smells that bad has to be a bear. I parked the … Continue reading

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Communion: 1. intimacy: a feeling of emotional or spiritual closeness  2. connection: a relationship, especially one in which something is communicated or shared All of you who read Earth Images know who Ron Toel is.  In fact you can read his wildlife … Continue reading

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Wildlife Experiences by Ron Toel

Michigan’s Upper Peninsula Over the years spent out in the outdoors with nature as a nature photographer, I have had several encounters with wildlife. I will relate some of the more memorable ones with the readers. The first one took … Continue reading

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Everyone wants to succeed, and that is a healthy normal way to be.  Even the animals and plants of the natural world spend their lives in search of success.  I write a lot about success and failure, and with human … Continue reading

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Moments & Tomorrow’s Photography

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Moments When I look at the constant parade of old images that I display on this blog, the one thing I am happy and proud of, is that over all of those years of nature photography, I never let the … Continue reading

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Tapestry by Ron Toel

As you probably know by now I see things a little differently than most people……Below is an analogy about how I see the world…… I see it as a very large tapestry. The image on it is of the most … Continue reading

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It’s a Matter of Perspective

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Landscaping With a Point of View Gaining Perspective:  The images below are of Devil’s Tower in Wyoming. This is an interesting rock formation, but making a composition that hasn’t been done, is challenging.  The first two shots were created right … Continue reading

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Rock Shadows & 13 Lines

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I love shadows…and I love rock.  They are the tools of which art is made. The rich colors and the deep shadows in this photo were created by nature.  I was just the witness that passed it along to you.  … Continue reading

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Seasons Come & Seasons Go

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Seasons mean more to the nature photographer than just spring, summer, fall and winter. They mean an annual parade of insects.  Each with its own season. Birds migrate and nest….and then migrate again.  The newborn babes of the mammal world … Continue reading

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