Life Photos

Today’s images have nothing to do with each other.  Or so it appears.

I was thinking about ideas of what I might put in another post here on Earth Images. I opened a folder of “used” images that rests on my computer. There were certainly no themes running through this group of diverse files. There were images from 1988, and there were images from two years ago. Some were created on film and some were digital. They were medium format and 35mm film. They were made in different seasons of the year. They were made in Wisconsin, Illinois, North Dakota, Colorado, Utah, New Mexico and Texas. There were grand landscapes and intimate ones. I found pictures of mammals and pictures of birds. They were made at sunrise, sunset and everywhere in between.  They are subjects of importance, and of no importance at all. It seemed unlikely that there could be anything at all connecting these pictures. Then I realized that I can still remember the moment I clicked the shutter on each and every photo that you see below. I can feel the cold, and I can feel the heat. I can smell the smells and I can hear the sounds. I can almost taste those moments.

When you are connected to the land and its inhabitants, and you have a love of photography, there is a distinct purpose to every picture you show. My only hope is that at least on occasions I have been able to pass the feeling along that I possessed at the moment of conception.

I guess in many ways I have been using this blog to share my life with you. I thank you for that indulgence.

Dark Phase Gray Tree Squirrel Illinois

White Sands New Mexico

Snowy Egret Texas

Arches N.P. Utah

Morgan Falls Wisconsin

Lake Michigan Sunrise Illinois

Bald Eagles Illinois

The Maroon Bells Colorado

Hardwood & Conifer In Fall Petrifying Springs Park Wisconsin

Old Bison Bull North Dakota

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