Yesterday & Today

What I miss about yesterday’s nature photography.   I miss the late Galen Rowell being at the center of the world of nature photography.  I miss Leonard Lee Rue being an active wildlife photographer.  His perspective on photography was different than all others.  He could teach us all about our subjects.  I miss being able to travel to great subjects and be alone, just nature and I.

What I don’t miss.  Having to buy and develop film.  Having only the telephone or snail mail as a way to communicate with other photographers.

All image were made on a tripod unless otherwise noted.

Wilson’s Phalaropes ISO 200, 5oomm lens, f 7.1, 1/250 sec.  Columbia County, WI

ISO 200, 5oomm lens, f 7.1, 1/500th sec.

Coming soon.

Aspens.  ISO 100, 300mm lens, f 16, 1 /100 sec.,  Chief Joseph Byway, Wyoming

ISO 200, 75-300mm lens set at 300mm, f 14, 1/25 sec.  Southeastern WI.ISO 200, 105 micro lens, f 22, 2.5 sec.  Southeastern WI.

ISO 200, 105 micro lens, f 36, 1 sec.  Southeastern WI.

Wild Sunflowers. ISO 200, 105 micro, f 11, 1/ 100 sec.,

Tree Cricket.  ISO 200. 105 micro lens, f 25, 1/50 sec.  Northern Illinois

Sunrise Lake Michigan.  ISO 100, 18-70mm lens set at 18mm, f 22, 1/5 sec. Kenosha Wisconsin where the Pike River empties into Lake Michigan.

Today, 9/21/11      ISO 200, 75-300 mm lens set at 195mm, f 9, 1/25 sec.

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