Old Website Writings

I meant to address this in my last post but forgot.

There are a handful of people who used to frequent the writings and galleries on my old website who know me personally and have my e-mail address.  From time to time they (you know who you are, ha,ha) will ask about old writings from that site.  Recent inquiries were about my memorial to my father when he died, my old series entitled Journeys and my final goodbye to professional photography called Journey’s End.   I pretty much made it a rule not to save thoughts from the past.  As much as I love history for what it teaches and for the atmosphere it provides, I try never to live in the past. For that reason I deleted most of those writings.  The one writing I did save was Journey’s End as an editor from a photography related website wanted to run that story.  His boss said no and I forgot to delete it from my computer.  After receiving a request to post it on this blog I did so at https://nelsonearthimages.wordpress.com/2010/08/19/by-request/    I can honestly say that out of dozens of writings, the one written to honor my father, the middle piece of the Journeys series, and Journeys End were the most emotional writings of my life and in many respects the most difficult for me to write.  The good news is that they were written before an illness made that a difficult feat to accomplish.

To a friend that I have who is going through the best and worst of times simultaneously.  You know how much importance I place on family.  In the end we have to do what we think is right and realize that family will join us in time.  They both reject and support our decisions because they love and care for us.   That love will eventually allow them to see your happiness and once again love who you are and not who you might be.

Thank you

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