Please note that the images below take some time to become clear.

I know that at times I will thoroughly ID my photographic subjects while other times I do not label all, or maybe any of the pictures I show.  This blog is first and foremost about photography.  Sometimes I will write about photographic technique and at other times a post may be created only to celebrate the images for their own sake.  I do love and write about natural history, and when I do that, more information is included about the subjects that are pictured.  Thankfully I have my pal Ron to also write informative articles about the story and science of nature.

The images below may be a bit confusing to the eye.  Joe-Pye Weed photographed up close can be a jumbled mess.   The picture shows a Goldenrod Soldier Beetle being eaten by a Goldenrod Spider.

Wild Onion

Male (top) and female American Goldfinches harvesting seeds from sunflower plants.

Thank you

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2 Responses to 8/11/11

  1. ron says:

    Tain’t nutin wrong wit yor eyes boy! I can’t see the small stuff through the lens anymore. I found two new orchid plants bloomin. I was excited and grabbed the camera as they were prime. I took the shots and all were fuzzy zs all get out. Went back and the were dried up.

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