Reflecting on Four Special Places

I don’t believe there is anything more magical than a high mountain lake!  Clean and pure!  The state of Colorado has as many of these spots as anywhere you might visit.  Of course the Colorado Rockies are blessed with 40 peaks of 14,000 feet or more.  Many of those mountains reside above a lake.  Let the magic begin.

One of my absolute favorite spots in the world is Summit Lake.  This pristine little gem is most of the way up the 14,255 foot peak known as Mt. Evans.  There is a paved road all the way to the top of this mountain.  It is the highest paved road in North America and would be well worth the journey without Summit Lake.  It may also help cure you of any fear of heights you may have.  Please note that the area around Summit Lake is a very, very fragile alpine environment.  Please be careful here.

When I think of the Rocky Mts., The Maroon Bells and Maroon Lake is exactly what comes to mind.  In fact this iconic landmark has been used for many years to attract visitors to Colorado.  Maroon Lake resides “up the hill” about ten miles from Aspen.  It is an easy journey but despite the fact there is a campground near the lake, in my two visits here I have seen exactly two hikers on my second trip.  Waiting for the morning sun to illuminate the Maroon Bells is to me one of nature’s most exciting times.  I would suggest this location to anyone who enjoys working with reflections.  Many of my images were reflections only.

Then we have Mt. of The Holy Cross.  This beautiful spot can be seen from Highway 24 near historic Leadville Colorado.   This image was made in the mid 1980s with a Pentax 6×7 camera from inside the Holy Cross Wilderness.  Between the era (1970s) when I lived in Colorado and my final journey in 2007 I have made many trips into Colorado’s wilderness areas and this was certainly a great one.

Turquoise Lake is a little farther south along Highway 24 and is an easy subject.  Fishing, picnicking and I believe camping is allowed here although I happened by on a very quiet day.  I stopped to stretch, make yet another restroom stop and maybe even snooze a little bit.  I wound up spending my time creating images. I was drawn to the color of this aptly named lake.

Bonus Shot……..Welcome To The Dance

Today’s bonus shot was also made in Colorado on my last trip in 2007.  These young Yellow-bellied Marmots were having the time of their live’s at 12,000 feet in Rocky Mt. National Park.

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