The Building Generations

I haven’t done an all architectural (or anything manmade) post for a while, so
here we are. I am quite sure that each and every one of today’s images have
been on these pages before.  I still have images of such that I have not shared
but they are all on film transparencies. I no longer have a film scanner and I
cannot copy them off a light table with a digital camera and macro lens, because
my cameras are no longer operable.

At the end of today’s post I will share with you three great nature photos from
three great photographers.

For a few thousand years, especially in 19th and 20th Century America, humans have been voracious builders. Dwellings, bridges and on and on.

Everything of mine that is displayed below, was either partially or completely
made by man. Most are filled with details, others are mere silhouettes. 

Surely some if not many of the structures that are shown, have been torn down
by now. In general, they are all either somewhat or extremely old. Most are color
shots, but some are monochromatic. Some are well-known locations, and others
are only known to a few.

Despite being best known for my nature images, I have made too many
 shots of manmade subjects to remember. While most I have made are old and
historic in their nature, some were newer, including “modern architecture”.

Today I share with you everything from old Native American  ruins, to 1800s
structures, to buildings made in the 1940s, and at least one subject from the
1970s. Even that was over 50 years ago.

The best way for me to approach buildings and manmade objects as subjects,
was usually (not always) similar to if they were a tree or a forest. Maybe a
mountain or a range. From close-ups of texture, to long shots of shape, the
disciplines are very much alike.

Rather than go though labeling each subject and telling where it resides (or
resided), I decided to just put them up in no special order and let you peruse
them as you wish.

Now for some great nature shots from three incredible photographer/artists.

Black Skimmers from Marina Scarr

Foggy forest by Michael Frye

Warlander horse from Paula Rucket.

Great stuff!!!

May God Bless,

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