Okay I admit it that I have always tended to think what is possibly a bit too much about photographs. I have the need to know why about everything including why this image or that one, or why that subject or another one, or why that crop or this one, and especially why from that point of view or another one.

In the end we go out and photograph what we see, do so the best we can, and then share or even sell the result.

Terms like literal or abstract, intimate or grand, powerful or quiet, in the end are just words and the photos will stand (or fall) on their own.

The term abstract, as it relates to photography, is a “to each his own” sort of word. One person’s abstract is literal to someone else.

I have added no colors to the scene below. If memory serves me we have here a river lined with grasses and we also have some waves. This is admittedly an unusual way of looking at what we do have here. It may not be special, but it is unusual.

I used a 105mm lens and got low enough and close enough to compress the wave. I employed an aperture of f/13 which was enough to keep sharpness (focus sharpness) in the foreground water and the first waves. My shutter speed was 1/6th sec., slow enough to blur some movement but actually fast enough to keep a degree of crispness. The camera was firmly mounted on a tripod, I am sure.

When you’re making an image like this, it is hard to know what you have created until you have it. I doubt what you see here was 100% pre-visualized by me.

A crisp and colorful sunrise (or sunset) which was bathing some clouds and their reflections in spectacular light, made for a pretty eye popping image with this one. 

I no longer remember where I made this photo, but I sure do know why. I would love to be there under those conditions right now.

Foreground lines that contrast with a background, can become a type of abstraction even though the subject is very recognizable. A foggy winter’s day and a leafless tree seemed like a perfect subject to me. Rather than why I would say, why not?

An overnight ice storm and a colorful sunrise, which created crisp, well defined glittering highlights, was a subject I was thrilled to find. The secret here was definitely to keep my exposure low enough as to hold those highlights contrasting with that beautiful sky.

Every day armed with a camera and an open mind, is a great day.

Weather conditions are one of photography’s best subjects. Observe, react, and savor.

When I photographed wildlife, I always attempted to get as many different poses from my subjects as was possible. I never had any qualms about photographing animals from behind. I of course did not want all my wildlife images from behind, but when they presented themselves that way, I made the photo.

This Green Heron almost seems to be doing a little dance as it ambles away from me. Along with that movement, the tiny little view we have of its right eye, gives life to the subject.

Owls were among my favorite avian subjects. Why is because they seem to think they are so above us (literally and figuratively), that a photographer with a big old lens and tripod, is not really worthy of their concern.

Snowy Owls and Short-eared Owls are among my favorites among owls.  Both the Snowy and the Short-eared you see below found me to be of little concern. Just the way I loved it. The Snowy did however, keep an eye on me.

When I was out making pictures, I always asked my self why. Why this subject at this time, from this point of view?

I ask why about other aspects of life as well, and especially about other people. I see so much copying of opinions and actions today, that I sometimes wonder if anyone actually asks themselves why they are doing what they are doing. Or why they believe what they believe.

It seems to me that It is always important to “hear” what others say and to “see” what they do, but it is also important to figure out who you (and I) are and ascertain what we truly believe. In the end, our own beliefs and our faith, will show the world who and what we are.

May God Bless,

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