Animals Behaving

There’s nothing a photographer can do, that provides more pure fun (for me at least), than sit and watch and photograph, wildlife doing things. Exhibiting behavior. Little things, big things, no matter.

Fox on the run.

Beaver swimming with dam building material!

White-crowned Sparrow, searching for food.

Okay, sometimes you have to invade some privacy to make the shot.

Yawning or roaring? Either way, he’s behaving.

Lioness thinking??

Cedar Waxwing practicing gymnastics

Searching for his tail feathers? (Canvasback Duck, male)

Humans Misbehaving


Even I, who has certainly been known to be cynical of human behavior from time to time, am amazed at how so, so many, Democrats and Republicans alike, have been lining their pockets with money by doing business with Communist China. I am all for getting along with China, as long as it requires no compromises whatsoever, on the values of freedom, democracy, in a world where the people run the government rather than vice versa. It is not difficult to imagine, that at least some of these people, particularly those elected by the people, just might be compromised when it comes to the rules and laws they vote for, and be co-opted to choose totalitarian Communist China over free market allies for their own personal benefit.

Remember the false allegations, now proved to be false beyond any reasonable doubt, that Donald Trump colluded with the Russians?  As a private citizen and business man, he spoke to Russian businessmen about building a Trump Tower Resort in Moscow, and decided against it long before he ever ran for office. Pit that against these so-called lawmakers from both parties, lining their pockets while “in office” and setting themselves up for a plush wealthy life after the fact, and doing so knowing about the imprisonment and enslavement that happens in that nation to some who want freedom, and others who simply have the misfortune of being born of another ethnicity and to believe in their own religion. I say that regardless of what that religion might be.

This nation if not the free world, best soon wake up to the fact that many of our elected officials, both here and abroad, sell out us and freedom, on a regular basis. Both parties.

I now understand why some of the government and past government Republicans, became never-Trumpers. Remember, he came into the presidency promising to get tough on China. They could see their massive bank accounts dwindling before their eyes.


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