Let’s begin today with two fine outdoor photographers. There work is topnotch!

Adam Jones made this powerfully symbolic image of an elk at sunrise or sunset. He created the photo in Yellowstone N.P. and it could easily be the “signature” image for representing that location.

Next we have one of my favorite western landscape and abstract photographers, Guy Tal. I would guess this was made in his native Utah, one of planet earth’s most beautiful areas.

Remember how I am always writing about contrasts? There are color, texture and shape contrasts all laid neatly one after the other. Fine art, as usual from Guy.

We  can’t always be in Yellowstone, or Utah. No matter where we are, there are images to be made.

A sunrise sky and some leafed out branches to silhouette. A simple image like this that can be found anywhere and everywhere, and needs to be composed just like a photo created anywhere else. The best I could, I placed the parts of the tree against the sky while leaving open spaces as I felt, and did so with intent, and not randomly.

How many ways can you look at a waterfall. Or any other subject for that matter.

Way back in the beginning, I used to do architectural image making for realtors, home builders and other businesses. Sometimes for brochures and sometimes for give away prints. They usually wanted to choose between several compositions made from differing points of view. That experience served me well in landscape photography.

I have photographed this northern Wisconsin waterfall many times. I came back with distinctly different photos every time.

This rock formation is found in New Mexico. It is called Shiprock and it was used by many western travelers including wagon trains as a landmark as a means for keeping track of where they were.

I and my photography buddy were lucky enough to happen upon it just as the sun illuminated the rock as it peaked above some ground fog. Notice the differences in light, both the intensity and color, between the two images below. My photography partner, spent the time while I was making these pictures sitting in the car watching me. We are not all enthralled with the same things.

I would have become bored with landscape photography if I had always looked for the same perspective. No matter how well it worked.

The rock form below was photographed in Arches N.P. in Utah. I admit, the point of view I chose is a bit odd. Unique views of landscapes will at the very least, keep people awake and actively engaged with your photos.

Notice the color contrast between the cool blue sky, and the warm Sandstone rock. Not to mention between the smooth sky and the textured rock.

Yet another way of looking at the land. This is Badlands N. P. in South Dakota. I made images from this viewpoint using every different composition (and lens) I could conjure up.  Lots of sky, little sky, a near 50% split.
The animate landscape.

When you are photographing the land, sometimes a little life in the scene will add to an image. Notice that the Navajo mare you see walking next to a landform in Monument Valley, Arizona/Utah, had a small foal visible between her legs.

Let us finish this post with a beginning. Of a new day that is. To me, there is no way to begin a new day better than with the rising sun. Lake Michigan, Wisconsin is the location. I have spent many a morning at this location waiting for the light to appear. Spring, summer, fall and winter. It rarely let me down so I am glad I did.


1 John 2:11

11 But he who hates his brother is in darkness and walks in darkness, and knows not where he goes, because that darkness has blinded his eyes.

Have a great day,

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