A Road Well-Traveled

Today’s post is that of a road I have traveled over and over, and here we go again.

Those who know me, also know that when I created landscape/waterscape images, I loved to have a little drama in the mix.

This winter mountain landscape has some natural beauty, but it does not contain any real drama. It is an okay composition but there is no power. Imagine if you will, it was a little windy that day as it often is up there, and there were wisps of snow being blown off that mountain.  A fairly nice image, would become a powerful one.

Being out at first or last light, advances the chances for drama.

This simple picture required less compositional skill to produce, than did the previous winter mountain image. With that said, the alpenglow that warmly blankets this snow covered peak, produces a natural drama. Getting up early or saying out late always gives us a chance for some natural drama, provided by God.  I needed far less skills in composition to make this more impacting  image, than I did to create the one I shared before this.

Images do not necessarily need detail. 

The picture below was taken from a two hundred foot high cliff/river bank on the western side of the Mississippi River. I was looking east, so this is of course sunrise. These tributaries or more accurately stated escape streams, made wonderful patterns as they carved their journey. It was a fractured journey to be sure, but a beautiful one.

I was always a mixed message type of  image maker. It was often my job to provide future viewers with the information that would show them what a place looked like. I tried to do so with as “correct”, yet with as inviting of a composition as possible. With that said, I do admit that I like making images that are more of an impression. My own impression, as best I could.

Texture of the land can be best displayed in imagery, with extreme sidelight. Such is the case with this sunset shot made in the Badlands of South Dakota. Just enough warm light and texture to pull the image out of darkness..

There’s more than one way to make a place dramatic through imagery.

A few thousand feet above the Gunnison River I stood near the edge of the canyon. Below is an accurate photo of a well-known river that runs through a well-known canyon. Yet there is something more. Danger? There’s drama around every corner.

I always was happy with whatever I found to be a valid photography subject. Icicles certainly fit into my vision as a valid subject.

Most of my icicle shots, fit into the category of being a nature subject. Still, if the only thing I find that “trips my (camera) trigger” is ice on a building, well then so be it.  Admittedly the light was pretty dramatic.

Then I made my way to the corner of that building. There was something about the juxtaposition of, and visual relationship between, the icicles and the rain gutter that fascinated me. If I was fascinated, then I made the image.

A different sort of subject.

I have seen a few things that might indicate that here in the upper Midwest, our great friends from the arctic north, the Snowy Owls, are currently being spotted  around these parts. To these creatures, this is the sunny south, sort of like Florida is to us.

I love the arrogance of these gorgeous critters, While they can at times become bothered  by some rude photographers, mainly they refuse to look at us as at all. As though we are beneath them. Literally and figuratively. I will never forget the joy (and photos) that this little male brought to me and others. Here he preens, as though I am not even there. I am glad I was there and I am even happier that he treated me like I was not.

In this crazy world we live in, it’s hard not to get angry. “Righteous” anger, can be used for the good. Hatred however, never does anything to those we hate, only to ourselves. For you Christians, Christ got angry, but He never hated.

Let our enemies hate if they choose. Fight back with righteousness, properly placed anger, and when possible, and I often fail at this, with love.

Stand up for what you believe, and always gravitate to the truth. If everybody chose truth over lies, we would no longer have anything to fight about. Is it not amazing how those who have been brought up with lies, always seem to hate, while those who were taught the truth, choose anger instead (yes it is a choice) of hate, because they know they are fighting for the right things?

God Bless,

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