A New Day

Every new day brings forth a degree of hope. It’s difficult to know today’s direction until the day begins.  Even if we understand what negatives may happen in the long run, we can still cherish and explore each day as it unfolds.

One day at a time.

The prairie sunrise that you see below, was delicate and gentile until the sun hit the horizon and revealed all that had been hidden by the darkness.  Everything is not always as it seems.  We need to “see the light” to know how to proceed.

Why Jesus?

There are many God believing people, including those who would certainly consider themselves Christians and are often avid church goers, who know about Jesus Christ, but do not understand why so many people, some which are church goers and some not, talk incessantly about Jesus. Why so much about Jesus?

There is one God. That God is The Father, The Son, and The Holy Spirit. Three parts.

Jesus was brought to you and me, to save us from our sins. He is the one and only path to Heaven and an eternal life.  His blood and only His blood, can wash away our sins. He is our only Savior. He was a gift to us. There is no Salvation, there is no coupling with God, there is no Heaven for us and there is no eternity without Him. The Lord tells us that in His Book.

God walked the earth as a man, by being Jesus. The Son of God, the Son of Man, and the Savior.

The Father is the Creator but so is Jesus, as is the Spirit of God.

God’s Spirit, called the Holy Spirit, is where we get our motivations to become better. To seek out God Almightily. To become more like God. He is I believe, what motivated me, a pitiful sinner, to take this journey. He convicts me (my conscience) of any sin I commit. I confess that sin straight to the Father, and hopefully do better next time. Just as I live in Christ, the Holy Spirit will live inside of me.

The Father gave us the Savior as our only means to Salvation. I feel safe and proper in saying that God wants us to worship and follow Jesus Christ. I do believe that was the point. How do you worship God in any form, too much?

That is “why Jesus”.

The law of the Old testament was given to show everyone that we could not keep it. Except of course Jesus. We needed someone to save us, and the law and the failures of mankind proved that.

Be wary of people, religions or churches, that diminish the Jesus part of Christianity. The word Christ, is in the first five letters of Christianity. A true Christian church is made up of the brides of Christ.

The church on this earth, as it has existed since the Resurrection and was corrected during the reformation, is in fact meant to be Christ’s Church. He is the Groom, and we are the bride. The time that we currently live in and the church itself are both coming to an end. Great churches will continue to fight until they are no more. Then the Anti Christ will reign.

Yes, I believe in end times prophesy. I do not pick and choose what to believe and what not to believe from the Bible. Beware of those who choose to make everything they don’t understand or do not want you to believe, symbolism. Symbolism is used in the Bible as a means to sort of paint a picture. To make the Bible easier to see and understand by using some symbolic illustrations. Everything else is literal. Symbols are usually in between literal things and are used as an aid.

One of my goals in life over these past several years has been to “not” experience hell. Ever!!! Yes I believe in a real Heaven and a real Hell. Not as defined by man, but as given us to understand by God.

About Faith in Christ

Romans 3:21,22,23,24

Like only the Apostle Paul, through The Holy Spirit, could explain.

21: But now, the Righteousness of God apart from the law, is manifested, being witnessed by the law and the prophets. (the terminology “but now” shows us that this was new when it was given. In other words, it was a change from law to something else)

22: Even the Righteousness of God, which is in Faith In Christ Jesus,  unto all who believe.  (Salvation comes to all by Faith in Jesus only, be you Jew, Gentile, or whatever you consider yourself)

23: For all have sinned and come short of the Glory of God. (Your pastor your priest, your mother your father, your grown child. You and me.  All mankind except Christ have sinned)

24: Being justified freely by His Grace (Salvation is by God’s Grace through Christ’s Sacrifice, not works), through the Redemption that is in Christ Jesus (His finished Work at the Cross. Jesus said as He died, “it is finished“, meaning the law as it was known was over, and Salvation can begin)

After He Resurrected, Christ’s first task was to bring the Old Testament saints to Heaven. They were saved not by law, as they all had broken it, but by the faith they had showed in the Sacrificial system., which was a picture of the coming Sacrifice by Jesus.

Have a great day and may God Bless,

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