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My using of the term digital currency came from a sermon preached (on TV and online) at Pacific Garden Mission. I am sure it is used elsewhere and I cannot believe I have never used it before.

Like most people, I have a bank account. Some of my income is deposited directly into that account. Nothing new about that, that’s been happening for about 40 years. Also like most people, I have a couple of regularly occurring bills that are paid automatically from the account. Occasionally I buy something online and as I have for about 20 years I pay that in a fashion where my money is automatically released (after enough time to verify it) to the company where the charge was placed.

Locally, I pay for almost everything in cash. That’s right. You all remember cash?  In the grocery store I hit the self serve machine and pop in the cash and I am gone like greased lightning.

Recently my bank is making it harder and harder to get cash out of my own account. Not safer, just more difficult.

Their ATMs are a nightmare. They change how you use it daily and it takes the average bank customer about ten minutes to complete a transaction. Five people in line, 50 minutes.

Bank teller transactions via those little subway suction tubes are worse. We are no longer allowed to keep a few withdrawal slips in our possession so we can make them out ahead of time. You must request one, and fill it out in your car as people wait.  If you send in a withdrawal slip via the tube, and another car (or two or three) drives up for a non cash withdrawal transaction, you will wait while their business is completed.

They are polite and cordial and of course the tellers are not the ones making the decision to do business this way.

This is coming to a bank near you. No more green money or silver or copper.

Digital currency. I try not to bring everything back to the Bible, as I know there are some of you who find it difficult to tolerate when I do, but it is there in black and white, one world monetary system.

Digital currency.

If I should choose to change banks, and move the pittance I keep there, I will likely name this national bank.


If you belong to a church who professes to be Christian, and they are not preaching and teaching about end times, you should sue them for malpractice. The same for any online or TV church services and/or Bible teachings. In some cases I realize that they know little about the subject because they were never taught, or have been taught improperly (very likely).  Time is a wasting and there can be no excuses. Watch closely for teachers/preachers who say Revelations and other end time Biblical prophesies  are all symbolism. It is no more symbolically directed, than anything else in that Book.  Of course, there are those who stand behind the pulpit who do not believe any of it, and those who listen to them, have the right to follow them all the way to where they will wind up.

Neither I or nor anybody else knows when the Antichrist will arrive, but it ain’t a century from now. Or 50 years. Maybe not in my lifetime, but it’s coming soon to a location near you.

The one world monetary system that is written about in the Bible is not dollars or yen, or euros.  I am comfortable stating that digital currency is a monetary system and it is the most logical form of one world currency.


I see that Mitt Romney recently spoke at a Republican conference in his home state of Utah. He was booed heartily  for his continuous opposition to President Trump during those four years.  While it is not my style to boo, if you cannot take a few boos don’t go into politics.  Politics ranks somewhere around pro wrestling in the realm of things to watch, and boos are a natural part of it.

I’ve always believed most Romney haters have never understood the real reason to oppose (or boo) him.

During the Republican primaries for the general election, when he spoke against voting for Trump, that was where those things should occur. That’s where differences are to be hashed out.

During the general election, doing that gives one pause to wonder what kind of Republican he is.

After Trump was elected, Romney went hat in hand to beg Trump for the position of Secretary of State, The president wisely said no thank you.  That is the most significant side to the Trump/Romney situation. He was okay with Trump, when he wanted something.

When Romney decided to run for the senate, he begged Trump to campaign for him, which he did. Trump held a campaign rally for him. 

Mitt Romney is a phony, and I say this as someone who voted for him when he ran for president.

A few small rays of sunshine from actress Rose McGowan


Have the best of days,

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