Good Examples………Learn From The Best

Spreading the Word of God is one of the purposes of being a Born Again Christian. So others can experience eternal life. It is always difficult to keep our egos and personal, pre-Christian flaws out of what we have to say. We are all human.

There are those who have come before us who have set the examples that we can use to accomplish what we must. It is good to learn from the best. Prayer, along with those examples, will guide us.

Some words below from Peter and Paul. My comments are in bold text and framed with parenthesis

From Peter

1 Peter 3:18

For Christ also has once suffered for sins (our sins not His), the just for the unjust (Christ was just and perfect, we are not, He was the perfect Sacrifice), that He might bring us to God (making it possible for us to be in the presence of God), being put to death in the flesh (Jesus died physically not spiritually), but quickened by the Spirit (The Holy Spirit), not with the wisdom of words (it does not come from our own words, but from the Bible), less the Cross of  Christ should be made of none effect ( the ultimate message of the Gospel is the Cross of Christ and that should not be detracted from or weakened)

From Paul

1 Corinthians 1:17

For Christ sent me not to baptize, but to preach the Gospel (the Gospel or Bible, is  God’s Gift to us. It shows how we can be saved from sin, and it is where the message of the Cross resides)

1 Corinthians 2:1-2

And I brethren, when I came to you, came not with excellence of speech, or of wisdom ( it was not about his speaking skills or knowledge), declaring unto you the Testimony of God, (the Sacrifice and Crucifixion of Christ). For I determined to know nothing among you (again it was not about showing off Paul’s knowledge or personal philosophy, nor about preaching non Biblical humanistic creations or opinions), save Christ and Him Crucified (he came with the Message of the Cross, to help guide us to Salivation. Period.)


Our lives on this earth, are full of firestorms. It is the result of sin. My life has possibly been more volatile than many. I have lived on the emotional edge for most of it. The sheer number of friendships and other relationships that have been experienced, then quickly or slowly been done away with, is breathtaking. In the negative sense of the word.

There is only one answer for such a life, and that is God. God is always the answer. 

The day I asked the Lord to be a part of my life, was the day that my life changed, because I changed. That does not mean I am perfect or that I do not fail or have bad days. We remain infected by a “sin nature” while we are on this earth. It does mean however that if we care, accept the Salvation that is offered through Christ, and call on God for forgiveness, that we will be blessed and will eventually, spend eternity in the presence of Almighty God.

Pray, keep the Faith, and may God Bless,

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