Slice of Life

Over the years I have written four basic types of articles for this blog.

Photography, religion, social/political and slice of life. The first three are pretty self explanatory, but what is “slice of life”?

Slice of life could be the article I wrote about the strange call I use to hear in the mornings when I was a small child. A sad, mournful cry. Finally one morning, I got out of bed and followed the sound and realized it was a bird. It was sitting on  a power line a half a block from my house. In was in fact a dove. I learned a bit later it was the aptly named Mourning Dove.

The times I wrote about both the adventures and the mundane which I encountered while in the field making photos. Both near home and on the road to strange and beautiful places.

I have written about the people I have met along the way. The unique and spectacular, and the average and workaday.

I have written about my years with horses and horse loving people. The dangerous times and especially the times of learning and evolving.

Sometimes my slice of life articles are as mundane as what I observed while going to the grocery store.

I have taken special care in recanting my journey to God. My most important slice of life. My most important journey.

In many respects, slice of life moments are more important than the earth shattering ones. They are about experiencing the road that leads from nowhere to somewhere.

Now how about some photography.

Today’s images are all very old and they were originally conceived on little pieces of celluloid we called film, with the exception the owl which is a digital original.

This geological feature is along the shores of Lake Michigan, in Wisconsin’s well-known vacation area in Door, County. This shot was made many, many moons ago, just after sunrise.  I was in Door, County collecting (creating if you will) stock images for my files.  This area is called Cave Point and it became my “jumping off point” in all seasons for my visits to the area. That included when I and a partner taught photography workshops in the area.  The actual cave is barely visible in this picture in the far right hand corner of the scene.

This geological formation is aptly name Balanced Rock, and has been photographed either in detail or in silhouette  as you see below, an unfathomable number of times I am sure.

Silhouettes here are made at sunrise rather than sunset because when you look west, there are other rock forms and mountains that tend to “muddle up” the scene, which is best when left clean, clear, an elegant.

The location is Arches N.P. in Utah.

I have not a clue where or when I captured these Lilies. It was a long time ago. Of that I am sure.

I love photographing flowers and this simple image I would think, did not take me very long to set up and complete.  I would imagine when I did this, crisp clarity is what I was after.

During the times when I was involved with birding groups in order to “find where the birds are”, most of them hated images like you see below. That’s because the bird, in this case a Snowy Owl, is not supposed to be that color, or at least they are not supposed to have that pinkish hue. To them, it wasn’t reality.  To me, being that the bird looked this way to the naked eye, it was very much reality.

A bird and its color does have a reality, but so does the rising sun and the atmosphere.  When the two blend together, what you see below is reality. It is, merely a “slice of life”.  So to speak.

Have a great day and take notice of every little slice of life.

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