Shot of The Day

Shot of The Day

My plans for shot of the day posts, are to do one every couple of months or so. I know that doesn’t make any sense because a month is not a day. But it’s okay, I plan to run for political office. Besides, if I called it the “shot of the month” I would probably post one every day.

Roadside formation in New Mexico in black and white.

Some of my favorite landscape, wildlife, and even macro images, were found along roadsides. Keep your eyes and ears at the ready


Imagine that. The attempt failed to convict in the Senate, and therefore remove from the office of the presidency, a man who does not hold any office, much less the presidency. Maybe next they could convict and remove you or I from a job we do not have.  Wait, they can’t do that because we are private citizens not elected government workers and the congress has no power to convict private citizens of anything. That would include citizen Trump.

Apparently to be able to read and understand the Constitution, one must first be able to read.

Anyway, they also failed to prove he inspired the Capitol riot, because we now know it was preplanned by a small variety of those who rioted. You can’t cause a riot with words, when the rioters had planned that riot before any words were uttered.

You cannot prove a positive out of negatives.

A crazy world to say the least.

Keep smiling,

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