Keeping it Simple

Several times in my life, I have been told by friends (especially by
those with which I was in a relationship), that I was “just too
complicated” to deal with, or to be with.

Too complicated?  Me?

I generally have viewed myself (introspectively), as the least complicated
person I know.

I gladly accept, support and help, police officers who are hired to
serve and protect me, but I reject entirely a “police state” where I
cannot go where I please when I please, or say what I want to say, or
think what I want to think.

I fully acknowledge that guns (and knives, hammers etc.) are often
used by bad people to rob, kill, and do other horrible things. I
reject the concept that the answer to that is to take my gun and
yours, away, so we are vulnerable and we make it all the easier to for
the bad guys to keep doing bad things.

I find most often, that those who would disarm me, are the same people
who set free, those who rob and kill with guns.

History has taught me, that every right (which has often been faught for), that is given up, is lost forever.

“Worry not what men do in the name of evil, but Heaven help us what they do in the name of good!”   Paladin (Richard Boone), Have Gun Will Travel TV series.

The world is getting needlessly and foolishly complicated, while you
and I, attempt to remain simplistic and rudimentary in how we think
and act.

The shortest distance between two lines is simple and straight. We
have so many zigs and zags in our (political, social, etc.) journey
today that we might never get to our destination.  Life and
interaction with our fellow beings, needs to be straight and

We should need not be consumed with political correctness, most of
which is invented to gain and maintain power for political purposes.
Talking straight but without malice, is simple and easy, and it works.

With all of that said, I do admit that if we never veer off the main
road for the sheer joy of it, we will miss the journeys that often
edify us.

Use the straight road to accomplish what we must,
and make it easy for others to understand.  The zigs and zags, are for
learning, and for enjoyment.

It seems so simple because it truly is.

The incidences of drug overdoses in America has become an epidemic
during the Covid-19 pandemic.  We are on our way to tipping over the
edge.  A society without God, will worship a substitute.

Want to hear something simple?

In order to take care of the sick, in order to prevent more illness,
in order to pay people (millions) who have now lost their jobs, in
order to keep paying all of those government workers who are not sick,
but sit at home receiving paychecks, we need all businesses open, and
every able bodied American working. You see, the government gets its
money from open businesses, and people working. Those businesses and people contribute what we call taxes.  It is those taxes, that everything the government
does comes from. The government, actually has no money of its own.

Yes, one plus one does equal two, even in 2020.

Keep it simple,

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