Just Wandering

Originally I was going to name today’s post, Just Wondering. You know,
observations with which I am bemused and befuddled about and question
why. Then my mind wandered and I thought better of it, and I decided
to entitle it Just Wandering.

I don’t know about you, but much of my life as been a mixture of
wandering and wondering. Wanting to see what’s over the next hill (in
other words wandering), and then when I get there, wondering why it is
what it is.

While most of my wandering has ceased, my wondering remains. I have learned that those who are raised and live without critical direction, and without a purpose
greater than what we see in our mortal life, eventually become “empty
shells” and are willing to accept direction only from those who have
no foundation themselves.  Human beings will accept and believe the
“worst from the worst”, in order to fill the void in their soul, if
they have no direction and no God.

As is usually the case with wanderings, they are in whatever order
they come to mind.


When I write on these pages about the things of God, I often use the
term religion. That’s done just to give readers an idea of what I will
be writing about. A personal relationship with God, is not a religion.
Religious things, and sometimes religions themselves, are often
created to make human beings more grandiose, or to frighten people, or
to show themselves to be more important and godly then the rest of us.

Often religions are more about power and politics than about God. Yet,
even from within the confines of such, there are those who escape the
trappings of man, and do God’s work.

God’s love and caring, and His desire (command if you prefer), to live
inside of you with His Spirit, and have you live inside of His Son, is
what’s important, not manmade ceremony, although that can aide us on
our journey when it is done with the right spirit.

There is always good to counteract the bad. God sees to that.

As God is my Witness, I would never suggest that there are not
churches that are good and teach the truth of God and the Bible, only
that they are few and far between. In the end, it’s not when you stand
or sit, or what ceremonies the founders of the religion want you to
participate in, it is about what God has directed us to do in His
personal letter to us, called The Holy Bible.

Religions, are created by man, you and I and our purpose, is created by God.


Below I have included a few of my images, as to prove this is a
photography blog.

Remember, today is about wandering.

1FoggySRfall 006

2RBMerg1 076b

3Snapper 007

4FLs 010

5Slides10 100

6FoggySRfall 020


As the coronavirus overtakes our lives, please remember to not give
away your rights and your lives to a government, any government. We do
need to pull together and use common sense (and pray), but the humans
who make up the government, often have their own lives and desires at
the pinnacle of what they do. This is an evil opportunity for those
who put government over people (and their own lust for power) instead
of the other way around. Be cautious of forced compliances and at
least do not accept them without some thought and soul searching.

Below you will find some commonly found statistics. Coronavirus is to
be feared but do not, allow yourself to become coerced by big
government types. The first line below is our statistics so far on
this virus is concerned, the second paragraph gives the statistics for
the same time frame on the common flu.

Tell me, have you seen anyone in the press or otherwise, saying we
need to do one single small thing to stop the flu?

“As I write this, approximately 15,000 Americans have tested positive
and more importantly, only about 200 have died.”

“Compare that to the “common flu” now hitting our nation. The CDC
estimates that over 31 million Americans have already gotten the flu,
approximately 300,000 hospitalized, and between 12,000 to 30,000 have
already died.”
Douglas MacKinnon

From me again.

While the Corinavirus is serious and needs to be combated, what you
are seeing politically is a “follow-up” to the failures of the phony Russian
investigation, and the equally phony impeachment trial. There are
major press outlets such as the New York Times, Washington Post, CNN,
NBC and more, that are being caught in complete and total lies each
and every day. They hide their faces for a day and report new lies the
next day.  They are well beyond merely being fake news. They and the
politics they represent, are using this disease as a weapon to further
their political agenda.

The future of a free America sits in the balance. We can take some
comfort in knowing this battle is also being fought in Europe (the UK,
Spain and on) and other locations around the globe.

More wandering!

Our life here in this world, comes down to a collection of moments.
Millions of moments. The Good Lord has blessed me with more than my
fair share of those moments, although I would suspect that He would
not approve of how I have used many if not most of them.

Still, I give thanks! How about you?

Have a great day and God Bless,








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