Two Great Photographers, Foxworthy and Other Stuff

One of photography’s versatile giants is surely Jim Zuckerman. While
he is certainly well-known for his wildlife, landscape and nature
macros, I think the strongest portion of his portfolio is his travel
photography. The kind that blends exotic, historic locations with the
people and/or architecture of the region. His image below of a woman
about to knock on a door in India is an example. This image reeks of
atmosphere while maintaining technical and artistic perfection.

It is a naturally “blended“ picture.

Speaking of blending. I have always been a fan of photos that blend
landscapes with wildlife.  Ellon Anoncreated this stark but beautiful
image of arctic ice flows near sunset. The Polar bear in the shot,
strengthens the photo even more. Photos that contain wildlife, need
not be frame to frame pictures of the animal. This image is stronger
because of the existence of that bear, be it small within
the boundaries of its borders.

Today I bring you a “ragtag” compilation of wildlife subjects,
dominated by the always photogenic Red Fox species. As many of you
know, I had a three or four year run of opportunities to photograph
these critters, and it has been a while since I have shared any of the
resulting pictures en mass, so I do so today.

Let us first start with a somewhat odd portrait of a Barn Swallow.
This photo was made from inside a manmade structure (a picnic shelter)
and would have been impossible except for the use of an electronic
flash unit attached to my camera.

It is an unusual pose and I always looked for unusual photographs.

4BSwallow 076

This (male I believe) Red-tail Hawk could not of posed any nicer for
me if I had asked it to do so.  In a clearing near the top of a tree,
in beautiful light, with its head turned perfectly as it stared at
some birds on the ground.

Being a nature photographer was at times, indescribable in its joy.
5Copy of DSC_9395-01b

I always enjoyed working with my friends the reptiles, and especially
the amphibians.

This Green Frog photo was made not with my 500mm + 1.4 converter, but
rather with a 300mm lens. At times, frogs truly (seem to) believe that
they are invisible with their camouflage. Luck me they are not.

I was pledged to be blessed to work with foxes of both sexes and all
ages. I think I enjoyed making the multiple critter pictures the most,
but I took them as the came.

Enjoy the small portfolio below.
7Fox3 147

8Fox4 028

9Fox4 119

10Fox4 171

11Fox4 183

12NewFox1 113

13Fox4 4148

14Foxy again 195

15Foxy again 201

Let’s finish with one of those “blended” shots.  a flock of Canada Geese. This image could have been a
so, so sunrise picture, or a so, so wildlife picture. It was the combo
that made is special. It is our job as photographers to “see” all of
the possibilities when they present themselves. .
16WebDewFgent 020

One of the great joys we all receive in this life, is the opportunity
to make friends. I have been privileged to acquire more friends in my
life than I have ever deserved.  Most have been better friends to me
than I ever have been to them.

There has always been two questions I have asked myself about any
given friendship. Did I learn anything, and did I teach anything?

We are all students and we are all teachers. With mere acquaintances,
coworkers, relatives and especially with friends, teaching/learning is

Join me in teaching a little and learning a little today.

May God Bless,

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