Fact From Fiction

In this world of instant information, one of the most difficult parts
of all of our lives, is to ascertain what is fact from what is

The internet, along with mini computers called cell phones, allows us
to receive non stop, up to the millisecond updates on every single
facet of human (and other) existence.  From every single corner of the

I ask the question, what good is it if 50% of that info is at the
least an inaccuracy, and at most, a lie?

In the past, if we doubted something we have heard, we simply double
checked with the so-called “mainstream news media”. You know, the news
magazines, the newspapers, news radio, and especially the
national/international network TV news, and the local TV news.

Today, the last place, and often the worst place to go for the truth,
are those venues that we used to trust. I am not saying that they are
rank liars, although many are, but they count on things like Twitter
and Facebook for half of their news, and those places produce more
half truths and outright lies than they do truths.

We ourselves, are also guilty. We accept what we want to hear, and
reject the rest. I catch myself doing this all of the time.  Wanting
to hear only good about those we want to believe in is natural, but it
is also dangerous! On the other hand, only wanting to hear bad about
those we oppose, is equally dangerous.

I have found more often than not, something that doesn’t make sense
when we slowly examine it, is indeed false.  No matter how much we may
want it to be true.

For me, it is about keeping my head above the crowd.  We humans all
want to be a part of a team. The winning team. Sometimes being a “lone
wolf” pays off. What does it matter what someone says or writes, if it
is done from a standpoint of winning through lies.  What will we wind
up with if we win?

I believe in my side!  The morals, the people over government
philosophy. The rule of (moral and just) law that was enacted via
democracy, within a representative republic. I want that side to
prevail and the only way I will ever know if what I truly believe in
is being achieved, is if the benchmark I use, is based in the truth.

It is going to continue to become more difficult to locate the truth.
The internet has given a voice to each of us, and that is both a
wonderful and a terrifying thing!  With freedoms (such as speech)
comes great responsibility and the one thing that is becoming extinct,
is the taking of responsibility. We’ve raised an entire generation
that has been taught responsibility is a group thing. What we from
previous generations know is, that it is only the teaching of
individual responsibility that brings responsibly to groups or
organizations. Groups are made up of individual people. Groups have no
morality or conscience that does not already exist within its
individual members.

Being cynical by nature is an aide to me in a search for the truth.
That doesn’t mean that I am never fooled, as I surely am. .

Keep and open mind, but live in the real world which means everybody
lies sometimes, and many people on social media and in other places,
lie religiously.

So join me in this arduous and exhausting search for the truth.
Sometimes we will fail to complete our due diligence. We are mere
mortals. Let’s continue to celebrate the truth on our side, but be
leery of its consistency. As individuals, we can bring to the group,
the search for not only truth, but for justice.

God Bless,

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