Common Subjects Make Uncommon Photos

I think the most popular forms of nature photography are landscapes,
and birds. Not just wildlife, but specifically birds. Bird photography of
course requires a fairly serious monetary commitment. Quality long
lenses can cost plenty of money.

Sooner or later, most bird photographers will begin to pursue action
photos. Below is a very old image I made of a (fairly common) Lesser
Yellowlegs shorebird on the rise, so to speak.

Waiting for “the burst” into flight, can be trying at times, but
always worth the wait. Shorebirds like this can be very tolerant of
humans, but they take to the air at every disturbance.
1Copy of DSC_2719-01b

Catching various species in their natural habitat is one of the jobs
of the bird photographer.

This female Ruddy Duck was collecting water brush on her feathers with
every stroke she took.

A little trash on her back makes this image a bit more interesting
than just another image of a duck in the water.
2Copy of ANatWRef 024

Birds can easily become natural, visual art when the right light and
the right pose presents itself to us.

This young Barn Swallow is a common species, but it is art under the
right circumstances.
3eCopy of HorD80b 171

Speaking of common species. I never said no to a bird because of its
commonality, or because it was disliked by the general public, and
many wildlife photographers as well.  Yes people, even photographers,
bring their prejudices and their penchant for dislike for this or that
into play as image makers.

The Common Crow you see below are often called (along with gulls) rats
with wings. The truth is they are a fascinating creature who’s
intelligence ranks equal to parrots and other birds of brilliance.

They can count in the sense that if four people go into a photo blind
and three come out, they will wait for that fourth person.  They have
been known to use tools. One such example is finding a stick to poke
into a hole to retrieve food.

In the image below, the perch and habitat if you will, is as common as the bird.

I always loved being an equal opportunity photographer whether my day
was filled with wildlife, landscapes, or macros. The rare and the
common were both my subjects.


Information is not photography‘s only purpose. The capture and sharing
of mood is also important. My claim is evidenced below as I take you
from the literal to the interpretive.

Sunrise or a beach and surf are hardly unusual. The sun appears every
day, and the world is full of beaches. In this case, it is how you
personally see what’s there that matters. It was photographed straight

Surf & beach.
6SurfSR 056

7SurfSR 062

8SurfSR 072

9SurfSR 058

11SurfSR 065b

12SurfSR 080

——————————————————————————————————Lightening The Load

Everybody feels the weight of life from time to time. I have learned
that the only true way to deal with that burden, is to share your
fears, pains, and weariness with God.  He will lighten that burden.
What was heavy and sad, will become lighter and something that can be

Prayer is a gift, use it (at least) daily.

1 Peter 5:6-7 – Humble yourselves, therefore, under God’s mighty hand,
that he may lift you up in due time. Cast all your anxiety on him
because he cares for you

God Bless,

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