I felt the urge today to share with you a couple of images, one each
from an outdoor photography legend.

George Lepp and Jim Zuckerman are two of the best known veterans of
outdoor photography. The are each well-known both for their imagery,
and for their abilities in teaching others how they create those
images. Way, way back, as I made the transition from sports and
commercial photography into nature, two of the books I used to aide
me, were from George and Jim. They never disappoint.

In this crazy ever changing world we live in, it is a comfort to see
two legends continuing on their trek to share their art, and explain
how they did it.

I m not sure where this incredible aerial view of an active volcano
was made, but leave it to a legend to find the action and bring it to
others. Gorgeous! Great job George!


The Paca is a Large South American rodent and leave it to Jim, to
capture his subject from a great ground level perspective, and also in
some awesome dramatic light. I love this image!!


Photography is one hobby/vocation that can often continue to be
pursued into one’s golden years. Never quit!

Have a great day and May God Bless,


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