Up Close & Personal

One sort of image that everybody seems to enjoy, is the wildlife
close-up. Admittedly, all animals have a persona about them, and the
closer we (the viewer) gets, the more that personality comes forward.
Sometimes it’s the eyes, sometimes it’s things like texture and

I should mention, that the way to get close to wild animals, is by
using a long lens and cropping when necessary. The exception is when
they get close to you. I have been fortunate to experience that
several times. When I am close I make my pictures and move away slowly
and naturally. I don’t follow animals from up-close.

This beautiful image of a Musk Ox in the snow was captured by the
great wildlife photographer Charles Glatzer. I don’t know about you
but I feel like I was there. Great detail!!


One species that I have had several extremely close encounters with is
the Red Fox. This Dean Eades picture is another detail laden close-up.
Oh those eyes!!!


There are close-ups and then there are close-ups. Kevin Morgans made
this “in your face” extreme close-up of an Atlantic Puffin. This is
from up close but it is also an excellent crop. This pose and crop is
nature’s art in every sense of the word.


Get those “in your face” photos when you can do so safely for you, and
especially safely for your subject

Happy Trails my Friends,



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