According to the calendar, it has been spring for quite some time now.
I imagine that sooner or later the weather will catch up to that
calendar.  Today’s post is just an assortment of old photos made in
spring to honor the season if and when that actually happens.

The grass is greener. Well, it will be when it ceases to be white from snow.

Green is in fact the color of spring.

Grass after a rain.

1Grasses 012

Smoky Mt. N.P. Tennessee/North Carolina has been one of my favorite
spots in spring.

2Slides3 013b

The Mingo River in Missouri.

5Mingo 007

Near home. The Root River, Racine, County, Wisconsin


The blossoms of spring. There is nothing that celebrates the rebirth
that occurs in spring, like new wildflower blossoms popping up.

Desert Primrose, Utah


Phlox, Illinois.


Greek Valerian after a spring rain. Wisconsin

10Gr. Valerian

Wild Geraniums, one of my favorite flowers.


Flowering trees, Wisconsin.

14Copy of Dsc_1905

Baby Red Foxes, Illinois.

16Fox6 064

17Fox6 115b
18NewFox1 086

The birds are back, Wisconsin.

Female Baltimore Oriole

19HawBunting 116

Male Baltimore Oriole

20RBGrosOriole 120

Female Rose-breasted Grosbeak

21Copy of BuntingGB 053

Male Rose-breasted Grosbeak

22HawthornOrioles 068

Spring’s song. Male Eastern Meadowlark, Illinois

23ML10 125b
Spring is the “fastest” season for nature photographers. Literally
every day there are changes occurring. I used to have troubles
sleeping at night, as my mind was full of anticipation of the next
day’s images.

In nature, spring means life. It is a recommitment of sorts. It lets
us all know, that life does go on.

Enjoy the season and may God Bless,


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