Close Encounters & Other Stuff

Of all the magical things that present themselves to us while we are
out creating images of nature, I think those moments when wild animals
accept us as a non-threatening part of their world, carry the biggest
“magical punch”.

I have shown hundreds of images of wild Red Foxes on these pages, and
only three were taken from the camouflage of my car. For the rest, I was out in the open. They do get use to humans in urban and suburban areas.

I carried my camera and tripod into this area near Lake Michigan where
foxes have been denning for several years. Just about the time when I
was considering packing it up, along came this young fellow. He
stopped right in front of me, chose a nice spot to relax among the
rocks, and proceeded to show me some nice natural fox (or dog) like
1Fox2010 018

2Fox2010 056

3Fox2010 109

4Fox2010 190

The greatest compliment wildlife photographers can be given by a
subject is to treat us as though we are inconsequential. Just another
part of the land.

One place that we can often feel like just another part of the land is
at our own backyard bird feeders.

I always made my share of pictures at feeders, in such a way the
birds appeared to be in a wilder location. In other words, all nature.
Just the same, I never turned down nice poses on feeders either. It is not
only part of the story, but they can make nice pictures. I caught
this colorful male Northern Cardinal with my camera one spring

5BYBs2011 132

We surely can’t get close to everything and a distant shot followed by
a huge crop will suffice when necessary.

I photographed this Osprey in Franklin, Wisconsin many years ago as
he/she came in for a landing on its nest.

6Osprey2008 027b

Wildlife shot or abstract? Really it is both. I was making images of
the Cattails reflecting in a marshy area, when this young Moorhen
walked into my view. At a glance, you don’t even notice the bird, do
to its similar tone to the plants.


There’s a picture everywhere.

Some would say, that this is an image of a Tulip. Others would suggest
that it’s a semi abstract image of a single sharp Tulip, and some
soft out of focus colors. To me, while both of the previous
descriptions are accurate, it is an image of light. The quality and
the direction of light, and what it can do for a bunch of Tulips. We
all have our own way of looking at things.


I will sale off into the sunset of today’s post with an image of a
sunrise. This one was made across the street from my house and it
was/is an incredible way to start a day.


If you live in my part of the world here in Wisconsin, I hope you are surviving the cold and snow.

Y’all come back now,                                                                                                                              Wayne

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2 Responses to Close Encounters & Other Stuff

  1. Darlene Jansen says:

    Love all the images in this post Wayne, especially the fox! Woke up this morning to another good 4 inches of snow here & the birds were waiting for me at the feeder this morning 🙂

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