Power Brokers

I just wanted to share with you two gorgeous
images from two of my “go to” photographer/artists.

Manuel Romaris is a member of my Flickr group and we are all the
richer for it. I don’t know where this ocean scene was made but come
on now. Powerful in every sense of the word. Manuel has the touch for
these big, mouth watering land/waterscapes.


When I want to view or share eye splitting, razor sharp images of
subjects like Bald Eagles or Peregrine Falcons as you see
below, Sharon Landis is where I look. She is a Facebook friend and I
always wait with anticipation for her next post. You can see why.


Two posts ago I published a photography article and mentioned that I
have been sitting on a more controversial piece for weeks. A friend
wrote me and asked if the article on Black Rifle Coffee and the FBI
was it. No. I am still debating that post and I will pull the trigger when and if the moment feels right.

See ya next time.                                                                                                                                Wayne

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