The Perfect Grand Slam

Today we have four flawless images from four superb photographer/artists.

I always love Guy Tal’s way of conveying the message of traditional landscapes and weather phenomenon, though abstract views. This Utah canyon with mixes of light streaks and clouds, is another great example of such.


Kent Keller gives us today’s close-up. This diamond made of ice apparently formed on a small stream or falls along Utah’s Little Cottonwood Trail. Complex yet simple, this miniature scene is crisp and pleasing.

2KentKeller Little Cottonwood Trail, Utah

Infrared image making is becoming a popular form of artistic photography. There is nobody better to teach the art of image making than Deborah Sandidge. Drama plus gentility adds up to art with this b&w infrared!


Charles Glatzer continues to be one of the world’s top wildlife photographers and here you can see why. This King Penguin was photographed in the Falkland Islands and WOW!!! Detail, expression, color and art. Keep it up Charles!


I hope you all enjoy these little excursions I take to view the work of some of the world’s top photographer/artists, as much as I enjoy bringing them to you.

Happy Trails,                                                                                                                                 Wayne

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