Motivation & Inspiration

If I were still making pictures today, a five minute cruise through just a few of the photographers who’s work I witness regularly on the pages of Facebook, would be enough to both motivate and inspire me to go out and shoot, shoot, shoot. I think what I find the most significant, is recently just how “individual” most of those images are. There’s nothing like carrying your own message, packed inside of a photo.

I’ll start with today’s featured image. That’s not to diminish in any way the other images you see, it is simply because it (figuratively) jumped off the page at me. Of course, in reality this Red-eyed Green Tree Frog is capable of jumping off any page. The image below would be a “lifer” quality image for me when it comes to frogs, which are among my favorite subjects. Gary Malloch is the cameraman and what a photographer he is.


Macro artist Mike Moats is a premier photographer when it comes to that genre of image making. I am always especially taken with Mike’s work when it comes to straight up “shoot what you find” photography. He has what many call a “good eye”. This close-up of ice patterns brings back memories to me of amazing times crawling around on the ice with camera and tripod. Nice!!!

Ice Mike Moats

Natural lines and patterns are always a great photographic subject for camera jockeys, and I was captivated by this Ren Lawrence image of a stand of wild Bamboo. I love the vertical consistency, but it’s the leafs and how they break up those patterns, along with the choice of black & white that really won me over.

bamboo Ren Lawrence

Ellen Anon has her own ethereal, abstract style. I recognize her images immediately. This one reminded me of a (gentle) wildfire. Power and gentility can live together.

flower Ellen Anon

I love flower photography!

Wow! Marc Muench is a third generation landscape photographer, and I have been privileged to watch him grow up as an artist. His grandfather Joseph was one of the photographers who’s work I drooled over as a kid when I viewed the Arizona Highways Magazine. His father David, was considered by many as the world’s foremost landscape photographer. Then came Marc. Unlike his predecessors, Marc covers every corner of the world. The image below, which I believe is from The Grand Tetons, is indicative of the power in Marc’s images. The Muench name is being carried on in style!

marc Muench Kananaskis Tetons

Well, I hope you have enjoyed and have been motivated by, and possibly inspired by, the beautiful art that graces these pages.

“It’s better to burn out, than it is to rust.” Neil Young

God Bless,


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