Subtitle: Skeletons in The Closet


1. without leaves

2 plants minus their leaves.

There is nothing like the barebones, graphic shapes of trees without their leaves. As much as I love colorful autumn trees and bushes, photographing trees when they are reduced to their skeletons is primeval. It is the shape of art as given to us by God.

1SnOwl2 011b

2zSnOwl2 031



Snow or ice can create an abstract reality where the basic shape of the leafless branches (bones) are retained, while that secondary visual stimuli enhances the overall image.



Add a tiny speck of life to the skeleton? The tiny hawk is dwarfed by the jungle like quagmire of the leafless forest.


You can make either the skeleton (above), or the life (below) the centerpiece of the image.



Finally, we have the contrasts of a lively blue sky and snow, and of course those bones.


God Bless,                                                                                                                                           Wayne

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