Opinions are something that everybody’s got, and they are something that many of us might be too willing to share. Opinions however, are needed to get things done, although they can also get in the way of progress. Opinions can bring joy, but also much sorrow. Opinions tell others who we are, and who we cannot or will not be. Opinions can be given honestly or deceitfully. Opinions in and of themselves, can be meaningless without a sincere intent. Opinions are never the “holy grail“, although some may attempt to convince you they are.

In my opinion, at least some of the opinions below are worth reading.

You will find some problems with paragraph breaks in today’s post. They were written in a word processing program with many limitations and it does not translate very well to this blog.


I know there are some who enjoy my social/political posts and some who do not. I will never (as long as I write this blog) stop writing about photography and my love for it, but I will also never stop writing about politics, religion and social issues. I am equal parts all of those things.
Below is a link to the Neo-Neocon. A life long liberal who finally managed to shed the skin of oppression ( I know all about that) and divulge the truths about left-wing politics, in a blog.
The link below takes you to a post by “Neo” where she writes about those who have plans to perform at Donald Trump’s inauguration, and how they are being bullied and black listed to stop. Her blog is always worth a read.
Below you will find another post from Patrick Dorinson the “Cowboy Libertarian”.
President Trump: Beware of the Washington “We Be” Crowd
Saturday, January 14, 2017 by Patrick Dorinson
I suggest that those of you who are interested in opinions of this sort subscribe to blogs like these. I subscribe and comment on several blogs.

Jessie Jane Duff ‏@JessieJaneDuff Tweet
4,334 people shot in Chicago this (2016) year: 1 person every 2 hours. Yet Black Lives Matter claims cops are the threat.
Most of those people who were shot were black. How many black Americans, in our larger cities, were saved because the police took criminals off the street before they could shoot again? That’s never brought up. If the group Black Lives Matter, actually cared about any black lives other than their own, they would be praising and encouraging our police departments to remove more criminals from the streets, in order to actually save black lives.
Wayne Nelson

Fact: There are 3,141 counties in the United States. Trump won 3,084 of them. Clinton won 57.


Herman Cain on the CIA and Russia



The beat goes on as far as the American left and their unwillingness to accept democracy. They only stand for our form of democracy when they win. I read a column the other day that listed 17 different reasons the left has (so far) given us for why Trump won. It is basically a list of whom to blame. They will never understand this. They need to look in the mirror. We are given one reason until it fades away, then another, then another, and so on. It seems like more than 17 but it changes every day as to why we cannot accept the election.

Some say, they do like democracy, but Trump is dangerous. It has yet to be decided whether the president-elect is dangerous, but I can make a stronger case for the corrupt (life long) Hillary Clinton being dangerous. There has not been a day in the life of the Clintons that they did not search for which law they could break to serve their corrupt purposes while lying to you and me, about what they did, and why they did it.

Some of you want to do away with the electoral college. That would indeed benefit your cause. Our founding fathers created that system in order that states (at the time) like Massachusetts, New York and Pennsylvania would not settle every election. So South Carolina, Connecticut and Vermont would also have a say in this nation. They were wise.

If we operated under the popular vote system today, California would decide every national election. A state that cannot take care of itself, or properly function in the adult world. That is fitting for today’s liberals.

All the Democrats need to do, to affect the change they wish, is to get 67% of The House of Representatives, and 67% of the U.S. Senate, and 75% of all American States, to agree with you. In other words, states like Montana, Oklahoma, Alabama, Kansas, Tennessee and more will have to agree to relinquish their power to places like California and New York. Once again, those founding fathers were brilliant.

What if we went popular vote and the Democrats still lost? They would complain about the popular vote and say only the electoral college is fair. Come on now, you know they would.

I admit, that between my anger, I am incredibly entertained by liberals.

That’s my opinion.

“Our lives begin to end the day we become silent about things that matter” Dr. Martin Luther King


I know that I seem to have an opinion on everything, and that’s fairly accurate.  Below is a link to a 2013 post that I wrote on music called Tapestry and Sweet Baby James.



Sports quickie

As a sports fan, although a fairly casual one, and a Wisconsinite, I am shocked each and every week by how the Green Bay Packers (NFL football) continue to win. From “I think this team can run the table” (6 games), to 8 and counting, they continue to post victories despite debilitating injuries. I have followed the Packers to some degree since I was a little boy, including the Lombardi, Holmgren, Sherman and McCarthy eras, and this may not be the best team I have seen, but they are loaded with character. How far can character carry you? Only the team can answer that. Next week  their depleted defense will take on the NFL’s top offense in the Atlanta Falcons.  Maybe an offensive shoot-out?  Win, lose or draw, a dismal season has become an exciting one.



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