Shortly after publishing my last post (now moved to August 16, 2015), I did something I don’t often do but should, I reread it. I had not bothered to proofread the article and it showed. Many grammatical errors. In some cases I used the wrong word, in others a word was in the wrong part of the sentence. There is no room in writing for laziness and it seems like I employed (so to speak) the energy (and IQ) of a slug in making sure my post was finished and ready to publish. I am never perfect and there will always be a few errors that get by me, and I often intentionally break the rules as to match my mood or to make the article more like how I would speak, but I will attempt to put a little more zest into the finished product from now on.

Back to Crossroads.

Those of you who know me or who have read my articles for a while, know that my specialty when writing is to recant personal stories, but to do so where I retain my privacy. In other words, no names, nothing that invades my own or anybody else’s privacy. Some might suggest that I have a knack for saying nothing, but I don’t agree. I usually say something, I just omit the parts that would lay open my (or somebody else’s) personal life. I can get away with that, because my personal life is of little interest anyway to most people. Hopefully, the stories I have told, are. I often write about my journey at the moment when I reach two intersecting paths or roads.

We all reach the place in life where we come to a personal crossroads. Do I go left, or do I go right? If it concerns me and only me, then the decision is mine and mine alone. If others are involved, I need to consider them. Sometime nations arrive at crossroads as well. In a Democracy, the direction to be taken, is up to the majority of its citizens. In a Democracy that is in the form of a Representative Republic, it is in the hands of our elected officials. Eventually that election (if honest) will get the people of any nation, just what they deserve. If the people, are selfish and spoiled, or are willing dupes, they will be rewarded appropriately. Too many years of that, will eventually leave only the worst among us, as the available choices on election day. That is where The United States of America, is right now. There is still a choice to be made, just not a very good one.

The lesser of two evils (where we are now), can be a more important choice than the decision made between two good candidates. For those of you of a conservative ilk, remember, the American left does not vote for candidates, they vote for ideas, be that socialist, Marxist or just what‘s in it for them. When you say I cannot in conscience vote for Donald Trump, they on the other hand would vote for Hillary Clinton if she was proved to be a murderer. They care nothing about who their candidates really are, as long as there is a capital D in front of their name.  They’re looking at the big picture. So-called woman’s groups, don’t really care what Donald Trump said years ago, if they did, Bill Clinton would matter to them as well. As would have Teddy Kennedy and countless others. They don’t care that Hillary Clinton set free (as a lawyer) a rapist of a 14-year-old girl…..and then laughed and joked about it. She’s the Dem. They do not care that she takes money from countries that treat women as just another slave to abuse. They’re just happy that  she is a political abortionist.

When you say that you cannot vote for a candidate (Trump) that is boorish and disrespects women, you need to evaluate just who really disrespects women. Yes, he is crude and I don’t like associating myself with him either. That being said, sometimes life isn’t easy. Sometimes it’s not pretty. Sometimes you just have to man up (generically used), quit whining and get your hands dirty to do the right thing.

If I see one more political conservative say they won’t vote for Trump just because they want to save the Republican party, I may upchuck. Damn the Republican and the Democrat parties. THIS IS ABOUT AMERICA!!! Who cares what the Republican party is if you lose the whole country?

Trump, with all his dirty little flaws, may actually be the one person this country needs right now. He doesn’t play by the rules of Democrats or Republicans. He uses his own common sense, which has led him to much success in life. He cares nothing about either political party and that sounds better to me every day.

When you are at the crossroads knowing that a flood is coming, you make the best decision you can in order to complete your journey successfully. You don’t sit waiting to drown in the flood. If necessary, you take the bumpy, ugly road that leads you out of harms way. Success, isn’t always pretty, and doing the right thing, even if it’s the only thing, can’t always be easy.

Grow up, and toughen up.


This is our 1,000th post



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