Truth & Consequences

Below I share with you a statement made by renowned wildlife/nature photographer Charles Glatzer. It was made publicly on Facebook and the reason I want to share it with you is not only because I agree with the essence of what it says, but because it take much courage for somebody who makes his living by leading nature photography workshops to make such a statement. It is deemed politically correct to blindly follow the thinking of the left side of the political world, and those who disagree, will be at the very least shunned, at most berated.

Charles Glatzer. “Climate change has and will continue to effect everything on the planet, as it has done since creation. It is the evolutionary process at work. All living organisms must adapt, migrate, or they will ultimately perish, including humans. I believe we are certainly contributing to the process, how much is debatable. Know this, the evolutionary process will continue with or without us!”

The word evolution does not have to mean human beings evolving from an ameba. Everything and everybody evolves. We grow (hopefully) or evolve, in our size, strength and knowledge. Spring evolves into summer. Devolution is only a microbe away from evolution, and species of critters sometimes parish. I am not suggesting that is Charles’s definition of that word, only that my definition works perfectly well with what he says.

I have written on this subject many times, and it is impossible for any thinking person who has studied history, not to know that this Earth’s climate has always been in a state of change. We know from human history that the arctic ice caps melted to the tune of as much as a hundred miles from the 1500s to the mid 1800s. That happened without the benefit of automobiles, home heating and so on. Only miniscule populations of native peoples living at that time in a primitive fashion.. We are also told by scientists that the earth has done an entire revolution on its axis throughout history. Every place has been the north pole, the south pole, and the equator. Quite a bit of climate change, assuming that they are correct. What about that ice age? Quite a bit of climate change eh? We are told by the same scientists who tailor their science to agree with the politically correct crowd, that there have been thousands of creatures who have slipped into extinction, well before man and his air conditioning and SUVs, ever (their description) appeared on the planet.

This earth and all of its furry, feathered and scaled critters are in a constant state of change, and their survival is often temporary. That is natural. That doesn’t mean that we cannot or should not help, but it does mean that it is time to stop listening to a group of big government loving, free enterprise hating bullies, who much like spoiled little children, want everything their way and want it now, despite what actual history and science tells us.

Have a fine day,                                                                                                                                              Wayne


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