Un-Civil Rights

As is always the case, the words below are my opinions based on my experiences and/or observations.

Those of you who know me, and have read this blog in recent months, know that I am not a fan of Donald Trump. That being said, I will always defend his right to speak. Many of his rallies are plagued with protests. Protesting is also a form of speech that we must defend. They do show however, the American Left’s lack of tolerance for any speech that is not theirs. The main reason for this impromptu post, is to examine just how dishonest the left end of American politics has become.

There was once again, violence at one of his rallies. They (the protestors) threw rocks at the police and their horses. The reason there are mounted police at the rally, is that history has shown us that left-wing protesters, are violent, and always attempt to silence free speech.

Yesterday at a Chicago university there was a journalist there to speak. His name ( Greek) escapes me and I have no idea whether I would love or hate this journalist. That is in fact, irrelevant. The un-civil rights group which is dishonestly called Black Lives Matter, protested, took over the stage, and physically threatened the speaker.  Silencing free speech through intimidation.

I am still waiting for the speech that President Obama will not give. The one where he acts like a leader. The one where he abhors violence, and criticizes the perpetrators. He has put his face on our television screens, constantly for eight years. He has used every tragedy to demigod the issue of gun control. He seems to have no problem with violence and even murder by gun (Black Lives Matter calling for the murder of cops), as long as he approves of who is on the receiving end of the violence.

Where are the other liberal leaders. These events are occurring daily, and the so-called leaders remain silent. I’m beginning not to trust them……….he says sarcastically.

The American political/social left is beyond hypocrisy. They stand for what they tolerate and that means they stand for the stifling of free speech, and violence at every turn.

The months to come will prove just how low they will sink.

This post will be moved shortly after publication. It will reside in mid 2015, where other such articles live.

Wayne Nelson


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