Why Trump Won

Classes being cancelled because Trump won…..is why Trump won.

The perceived need for grief counselors in school because Trump won…..is why Trump won.

The seeming need to protest in the streets because Trump won…..is why Trump won.

When a bigoted, unprofessional teacher cried in front of her class because Trump won…..that’s why Trump won

Your party has neglected, demeaned, slandered, and attempted to humiliate the very heart of America…..and that’s why Trump won.

For those of you who do not understand what is written above…..well, that’s why Trump won.

The top line about classes being canceled, was taken from the internet, I did not write it.


“If California seceded, it’d solve a lot of the US’s problems. 40% of the US welfare cases live there. Let the rich stars take care of them. ”  Jay Weber


Just a word about all the celebrities that have indicated that they would leave America if Donald Trump won. We need to encourage them to keep their word. We heard those claims when George W.  Bush won his first term, and then they all broke that word. This time let’s hold their feet to the fire.  If necessary, we’ll all help them pack and carry their luggage to the airport. Canada, you’re welcome to them!

I guess I broke my word about my next post being about photography, but I am working on one right now.

Have a great day,


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