Great Sand Dunes

Today’s post is in keeping with several that live here on Earth Images. It is meant for posterity’s sake. Each one is singular in its subject matter, whether that subject be a species of animal, a type of photography (abstract, macro, cloudy day landscapes, etc.), or one location. Great Sand Dunes, Colorado is of course, a location.

The pictures on this post were made either in May of 1986 (the first 2 pictures), or August on 2007. Those 1986 images were created on a Pentax 6×7 medium format camera, and Fuji Velvia film. The rest were made on Nikon digital equipment. The morning of the 2007 trip I received a wide variety of light conditions and made a wide variety of “types” of photos.

The tallest sections of dunes that you see in these pictures, top 700 feet. Great Sand Dunes is not located in the desert, but in the mountains. Desert sand blowing in from western Colorado and Utah, collect at the base of those mountains.

I apologize in advance for the shameful number (one) of vertical compositions on this page. The advice I have given other aspiring stock photographers on shooting verticals was not followed by me at GSDs.1Copy_of_G_S_DunesWater

2Copy of Slides2 038

3GSDunesANWR 075

4GSDunesANWR 078

5GSDunesANWR 082

6GSDunesANWR 064

7GSDunesANWR 055

8GSDunesANWR 060

9GSDunesANWR 066

10GSDunesANWR 065

11GSDunesANWR 058

12GSDunesANWR 071

13GSDunesANWR 073
You can find a larger collection of dune pictures in a gallery created from trips to White Sands New Mexico. You will find a greater selection of types of photos, and of compositions in the White Sands gallery. I worked there on four occasions compared to my two photographic endeavors at GSDs. I was also plagued with weather issues including floods during my visits to GSDs.

I am pleased to say that Earth Images on Flickr, has recently topped 1,200 members. Thanks to all who have joined over the years.

Thanks for stopping,                                                                                                                    Wayne

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