Feathered Friends

With nothing unique to say today, I decided to share some images of our winged friends.

The application of morning light and shadows makes this Kestrel appear to be a different color than we would usually think of. Nature’s light is an artist, and I have been fortunate enough to share her art with you.

BongKestrel 009

A little later in the morning with a different angle, and the light renders our subject in the color and patterns that we are used to.

BongKestrel 102

I caught this hawk in some nice, but traditional light. I often refer to this sort of light as “birder’s light” I really like birders, but I have known so many who will not accept a bird image that does not match the colors of their field guides.

It still fascinates me how many birds of prey can turn their head 180 degrees.

RTail2012 046

Yuck, you can do better than that. Two of the bird world’s greatest scavengers, a Turkey Vulture and a Herring Gull take advantage of some “sushi” that was left behind. Scavengers are among nature’s most important critters.

TV2 141

BHeadsGullFish 195

A typical subject (Cardinal), with a typical backyard pose, on a typical perch (bird feeder). Thankfully the subject while typical, is living art.

Carthage foxes 025

The king of the marsh….and prairie….and roadside ditch….and so on. The male Red-winged Blackbird

BongMay2014 066

A happy pair of Sandhill Cranes. One squawks while one searches.

H80c 191

Elegance. Some birds exude elegance. When you can find those birds in an elegant scene, you have well…….a lot of elegance. Great Egret.

Hor31b 236

Don’t look down. Forster’s Tern

1aHoricon09d 120

Excuse my anthropomorphic observations which accompany my next two subjects.

Lost my keys! Wilson’s Snipe

Hcc 013

I’ll save it for the Packer game. This Downy Woodpecker was cashing food for a later date. I guess a Packer game reference might be a little bit inside for people from other parts of the world.

RBGrosOriole 076


I know that a lot of my posts on this blog (hopefully not this one)  infuriate many people. That is never my intent, but whether you agree with what I say or not, if your anger makes you think a little deeper, then I am doing what I set out to do. I love reading or listening to those who make me think, and if I am only half as capable of stimulating thought as they are, I will have been successful.

Thank you and God Bless,                                                                                                          Wayne


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