Wings & Things

Today we have birds, birds and more birds.  Every so often I like to dedicate a post to this topic. I have clicked the shutter more times for birds than any other subject.

I truly enjoy working with young Barn Swallows. A close approach is a piece of cake with these guys.  I love the subtle coloration at this age and the detail that is possible at this close distance.HorA 074

The female Ruddy Duck can be quite challenging to get close to.  It seems however, that almost any bird will eventually reward you if you are patient enough.  Wildlife photography taught me a patience I never dreamed of having.HorB 098

The male Red-breasted Merganser is a bird I once thought to be difficult to photograph up close.  One year I finally had a lone bird who swam right by me. After that, every season brought this species close.  Patience.RBMerg2 187

Female Red-breasted or possibly Common Merganser.  I was  just as enamored  by the light, as I was this pretty bird when I clicked the shutter.HarborRsrBong 053

I was attracted to the way these golden reflections worked with this male Hooded Merganser.  Nothing is perfect and he finally popped that hood up after he moved out of the reflective area.BHeadsGullFish 100

The most ignored duck in America is the female Mallard. I love the soft gentle colors on these birds.  This is a young bird.HarborRsrBong 045

Juvenile male Northern ShovelerHShoveler 099

Meet the gang. Gadwall ducklings.HorB 084

Mmmm!  Sushi for breakfast.  Herring Gull.BHeadsGullFish 195

BHeadsGullFish 191

American White Pelican.  A large and fairly easy species to capture in the air.HorD80 045

The return of the Red-winged Blackbird has occurred in these parts. They bring a world of changes with them. Oh how I love that call!RBMerg2 005

White-breasted NuthatchblogHaw2011b 209

There is nothing quite like being blessed with the opportunity to make a simple picture of a pretty bird, as it creates an “artsy” pose.  That always made my day. American Goldfinch.DSC_5838ABC

The last bird picture I ever took. This is a baby Chipping Sparrow resting, after what was likely its very first flight..Copy of BabyBird 007

To show you how courageous I am, I now give you a David Hemming’s picture in the same post that shows my own bird pictures.  David is a world-class bird photographer and this picture of a Crested Coquette Hummingbird shows that.  Viewing this beautiful bird would be worth it regardless of the image maker, but when David clicks the shutter, it is a double joy.1098209_10202925387232163_1390198488_n

A page from the past……….The Last Word

Thank you and have a great day,                                                                                                Wayne

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