Being Abstract

Being abstract is a state of mind.  It’s about those moments when the subject begins to fade, and color, shape, tone and texture takes over.  It’s all in how you look at it.

Abstracts certainly do not have to appear as unrecognizable objects in your photos. I often think that abstract images of readily identifiable subjects, are more powerful. It becomes a personal statement on something we all can relate to.  Often the word abstract is a verb to me.  It is something I do.  It is a  form of action.

Today’s photos are nature related abstracts  There was certainly some photoshopping and/or filters used in some images.  Just the same, great forethought, vision and great skill was used.

I truly enjoy the abstract work of Jamie Konarski Davidson.  This first image is that of Flamingo feathers.  It was made at a zoo.1526733_10151978785900108_1821232219_nb



Deborah Sandidge A unique look at one of my favorite places, or at least the sky.  The BadlandsBadlands1

Psychedelics are back.  Ellen Anon10006576_10202360864597158_1148643535_n

A few of my own.  There are no altered images below. No filters were used. They are simply my interpretations of subjects found in nature.  Water is my favorite subject when it comes to ”being abstract”, but patterns, flowers and light itself are all great subjects.12DSC_3409

Copy of 8cDSC_6738


7SlidesWaterWinterFall 007

BLdew 010

Frost 078


In my world, it is absolutely normal to make a literal image one moment, an abstract the next, and follow that up with something in between.  We all have an extended vision that allows us see the world around us in many different ways.  I think every photographer becomes more complete when they use as much of that vision as possible.

Thank you,                                                                                                                                      Wayne

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