Filling In

I am once again just filling in (see The Substitute) with a few of my own pictures, while I put together a post with the work of other image makers.  It keeps me out of trouble.

I must have made a million (exaggeration) pictures of rocks in my life.  There are about that many ways to show rock in a photograph.  All three images below were made in Colorado. The light was good but certainly not spectacular in each case, so I opted to work with sidelight to help delineate tones, colors and textures.  With the third picture, I used shadows to create drama.  I tend to do that.

I do not have the words to express just how much I miss wandering around places like these, and making pictures.  Not only enjoying the ride and the hikes, but looking for ways to set up pictures. Where can I best use the light and shadows? Should I make the picture from here or walk to the edge?  Maybe it’s time to hike the canyon.ANatW2Ref 135And2more

ANatW2Ref 162And2more

BLCanSanJuan2 060_ 060_3 060

I enjoy photographing grackles, and I especially like what the sun will do to their iridescent feathers.  I do think that this one has a little something extra going on. I made this photo in my own backyard.BY2012 035

Quiet mornings produce quiet pictures even when there is a Blue-winged Teal cruising down the river.  Every image we make carries with it, its own mood.  Teals and Northern Shovelers always gave me a lot of opportunities for mirrored images.Horiconb09 036

Sometimes you just gotta have fun.  Red Fox Kits.Fox6 140

Like a lot of photographers, the pictures I don’t show due to technical concerns often include interesting subjects. This picture of an immature Bald Eagle was made back in 2009 at Horicon Marsh NWR, at the end of Federal Dike Rd.  The image was actually made just before sunrise on a day with no sunrise.  In other words, it was a cloudy day and early in the morning.  Other than a small crop I have never “fixed” this picture in the editing process.  The sky has that washed out dead look and it is a busy image as well, but sometimes putting a subject in the context of its environment is worth the clutter.  I have made no adjustments to the actual birds.

Anyway you look at it, I am enjoying showing some images on these pages, that I would not have previously shown.Horiconb09 029

Horiconb09 032

Horiconb09 034

God Bless,                                                                                                                                      Wayne

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