The Ladies of The Land

There were a few typos and omissions in my last post.  That is not particularly unusual, and I normally just pretend it never happened, but I wanted to mention that the big white bird was (is) a Mute Swan.

It has been a long time since I have written about women in nature photography. There were precious few of you yesterday, and many of you today, and there will be even more tomorrow.   Bout time!  I try not to be stereotypical but I always imagined as female participation in nature photography grew, the fields of macros and landscapes would lead the way.  I was wrong.  Far and away the majority of woman nature photographers that I see, specialize in wildlife.  I would love to see more woman in the landscape genre.   Every man and every woman brings something different to nature photography.  There is also, a difference in the visual viewpoint between women and men as groups.  We need more of the female point of view in landscape photography.

There is a current article in Landscape Photography Magazine on just that subject.

Woman In Landscape PhotographyWomen-in-landscape-photographyI would love for you to meet three rising stars in the world of nature landscapes.

Valerie Millett is a Facebook friend who has begun her climb up the landscape ladder. She has already found success in Outdoor Photographer and Arizona Highways Magazines. Valerie is also a painter along with many other of the creative arts.  Hopefully she won’t spread herself too thin amongst all of her endeavors, so we can see her grow and prosper within the landscape environment. 1185522_10201642134842564_906688971_n


Catharina Clausen is a Facebook acquaintance who seems to be just starting down the landscape path. I enjoy the way she sees the land. She has a great way of looking at simple places. Good luck to her.1235997_10201480842681029_171690024_n


Candace Bartlett is another rising star in landscape photography.  She lives in the Pacific Northwest so that is where the majority of her images emanate. That’s a pretty good home base.  She is a traditionalist in her work, and it is always good. 426656_10151131309203711_490407012_a


I know this blog is about photography but I may occasionally branch off into painting.  Today is one of those days.

I love viewing paintings.  Maybe that is because I have no such talent myself. Women have been contributing to landscape painting since the 16th century.  In America there were ladies who were a part of the legendary Hudson River Painters of the 19th Century.

Brenda Thour is a current artist who deserves a serious look.  She also paints wildlife, butterflies etc. Brenda is “sort of” a traditionalist and that is what I am looking for today.  I say “sort of” to separate her art style from that of an abstract artist.  That’s for another day. Her work has the soft edges of an impressionist, but the colors suggest some crispness. She works mostly in oils, but also uses acrylic, watercolor, watercolor pencil, and colored pencil.OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA



If there had never been any woman painters, we would all be the poorer for it.  The same is true with photographers and I can only hope the trend of woman in photography will grow.

For today’s post, I purposely chose lady photographers who are not personal friends of mine. I am however, privileged to have some who are.  In fact, I am honored to even know them.  Keep it up please.

I thank you and I hope you have a fine day,                                                                                    Wayne

“The New Year lies before you like a tract of newly fallen snow.  Be careful how you tread on it as every track will show.”                                                           Ron Toel

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