Winter @ “The Edge of Light”, & More

I have decided to feature Tim Fitzharris out of today‘s group of image makers.  Tim has been a major force in nature photography for a long time. He is an all around nature photographer and is one of the more prolific photographers you‘ll find. I have long neglected this major force in nature photography.  The bio below came straight from his website and it could be much longer if he so chose.

Tim Fitzharris is associate editor and nature columnist for Popular Photography & Imaging magazine, the world’s largest circulating photo periodical. He is the author and photographer of 29 books on wilderness and wildlife photography including National Park Photography, Rocky Mountains: Wilderness Reflections and the top-selling series Nature Photography: National Audubon Society Guide and Landscape Photography: National Audubon Society Guide.

Fitzharris’ photographs are published worldwide, appearing on the covers of Life, Audubon, Nature’s Best, Terre Sauvage, Outdoor Photographer and many other publications. In 2010 he produced and directed A Far Away Life, a full-length feature film set in the Philippines.  Tim Fitzharris

I show a lot of images from other photographers on Earth Images and I get those pictures from many different sources.  They rarely come from the photographer’s website. Those images are often locked or extremely small.  Many come from Facebook, and occasionally from Google Photos. The images from Facebook are put there by the photographers themselves and are therefore usually a high quality picture.  The Google images can originate almost anywhere, and are often three generations removed from the original file or scan, and are frequently not the best representation of that original image.  I have experienced that myself through the years.  I say this so you know that occasionally the picture that you see will be of a lower quality than what the true image was.  In some cases I use images from Google when I do not even know who the photographer is. Those photos were often made a long time ago.

The second part of this subject is that I no longer ask permission to use these images.  I am showing you good images in an effort to sing the praises of the photographer and in most posts, I include a link to their website.  Only a photographer who is short-sighted and litigious in nature would object. Nobody has so far, and a few visit this blog and have indeed seen their images here.

Tim Fitzharris1tim_1




Tom Till is one of the world’s premier landscape photographers.  He is of the 4×5 generation and careful composition is his trademark.  This image was made in the four corners regions of Colorado/New Mexico/Utah/Arizona where Tom resides. That location is a wise choice for a landscape photographer. 5aph0610_tr14-600x479

I am not that familiar with the work of Duncan George, but if this sand dunes image from Namibia, Africa is a fair sample, he is a good one.  I love the composition and the details in the sand.6aphjduncan-george-600x393

Winter @ The Edge of Light  I enjoy working at the edge of light in every season including winter  I consider working with white snow and blue skies, in the warm light of early or late in the day, to be an interpretive form of photography.  My love for incorporating shadows into my landscapes, doesn’t lessen during the winter.  I have never shown these particular three images before.DSC_0020bbb



I made this early a.m. image from near my house several years ago.  I don’t remember much about the experience of setting up the shot.  I think it is an okay picture, but for some reason I did not move farther down the lake bank and take the snow-covered bush out of center, and include a bit more of the lake and bank.  I am trusting I had a reason, such as there was nowhere to stand or some undesirable element would creep into the picture frame.  I like the sidelight and the shadow. This image needed a little drama and that helped.DSC_0080

Very Cool From warm winter light to the cool blue light of ice in shade.  That out of focus background is a rock covered in a thin coat of ice. I think the fact that my focus did not cover the background, helps this image. It allows the subject (the ice form), to advance towards the viewer. I found this at the edge of a river.  When I am out looking for details in any season, I look everywhereI have previously shown a sister image to this one.DSC_4243

Winter @ The “Very Edge” of Light One of the best times of year for sunrises/sunsets is winter.  It can be cold enough to hurt but it is usually worth it.  Crisp weather often leads to crisp images.  Deciduous trees are stripped to their skeleton, which makes for graphic pictures. My comp here almost makes it look like there are flames shooting out of the top of the tree. This picture had never been shown before yesterday on Facebook.DSC_4555-01

The modern Digital SLR is based in principal on the 35mm camera.  Most models look somewhat like a 35mm.  Nikon has introduced a new DSLR that will bring back fond memories to old timers like me. It looks very much like some of the film SLRs of the 70s-90s. I especially love the chrome & black model that reminds me much of old, old, Nikon and Canon manual cameras that I once owned. The seams even match up with the old film camera. Very cool.  They are pictured below with the standard (then) 50mm prime lens. New & NostalgicThe-New-And-Nostalgic-Nikon-Df

I feel that every, and I mean every, experience in life is an opportunity for personal growth.  That is always my goal, even though I often fail.  While our personalities are well-formed by the time we reach our late teens, there is still a lifetime ahead to grow and expand who we are.  I am always amazed when I see someone my age (usually men) who are still trying to be exactly what they were when they were 18.  If I did that I would have to have hair down to my shoulders ( a real problem), and live for the darkness.  I liked the bearded cowboy that was born out of that hippie, but even he had to leave eventually. I have tried and sometimes failed, to bring with me the best of the old person, into the new one.  The hopes are that some day, I will find the best person I can be.  I will never reach a point of perfection but I will forever love the journey.

Have the best of days,                                                                                                                       Wayne

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