Cheaper By The Dozen?

12 quick images today.

Sharing the same itch?  American Coot and male Canvasback duck.Hor31 061

Step lightly. Killdeer.Bong 727 031

Wisconsin Badger?  Sorry folks this is a Colorado Badger.Slides6 008

Busy as a……bee on a ConeflowerHhollBees 010bbb

Background noise.  A male Hooded Merganser with a distant female Bufflehead in the background.BHeadsGullFish 080

Northern Shoveler.DSC_3818

Yellow-rumped Warbler in autumn.  I know I go on and on about my love for the mood and the color changes in fall, but bird migration is everywhere you look and a big part of what makes this season special.BPWarbler

Peace and harmony. Boat harbor at sunrise.  Lake Michigan, Milwaukee, Wisconsin.15DSC_2762

Lupine love.  Illinois Beach State Park South.Slides10 044

The Goodlands.  Commonly known as The Badlands of South Dakota.7MoreSlides 037

The greatest season.  Well for me anyway.

The American Legion State Forest, Wisconsin, in early autumn.Egrets, fall 112

The Chequamegan National Forest, Wisconsin.  Some roads are worth the journey.  I lack the words to describe just how much I enjoy roads like the one you see below.NwiFall_032

For those of you who know me you will be relieved to know that the bottom of this page was originally filled with my opinions on current political and social issues, and I chose to delete them. I figured for a guy who admits he doesn’t read other people’s opinions, maybe I should give you some relief from mine.

For those of you who haven’t been here for a while and wonder what I am writing about, most of the posts you see below originally contained my opinions on current social/political issues. In some case they were much longer than what remains in the post. I have taken to deleting those strong opinion sections a few days after they are published.  I do this so this so that I and this blog will be remembered as a photographer and a photo blog, not a social commentator or a blog of that sort.  If you actually want to read my opinions ( bless you) on the issues of the day, just subscribe to Earth Images via email.  Subscribers get to see everything. Then brace yourself.

“If the only tool you have is a hammer, you tend to see every problem as a nail.” ~Abraham Maslow

Thank you for stopping and enjoy this day, it is a gift from God,                                               Wayne


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