All Mixed Up

A little bit of everything today.

Good morning.  Sunrise from Horicon Marsh NWR.DSC_5080b

Rocking it!  Rocks are a favorite photographic subject of many photographers.  They may not think of it that way, but if you look at their pictures, you find a lot of rocks.

Arches N.P. Utah.  The first two pictures below put a strong emphasis on a single rock form.  The third image features a large rock in the context of its immediate environment, and the fourth photo spotlights some distant rocks.  Of course the snow-capped La Sal Mts. in the background, are really rocks too.

Notice how shadows are featured prominently in my composition in the second and fourth photo.  I see many landscape photographer/workshop instructors spending much time teaching how to keep (or remove) shadows out of your pictures.  While some shadows can be bothersome, I have spent most of my photographic life looking for shadows to use in my landscape photography.  They can provide depth, texture, mystery and more to your images.Copy of lifeDSC_6753bbDSC_6758

Slides3 017UtMiTenn 030bb

New Mexico roadside rock forms.DSC_2460b_DSC_2448DSC_2454Slides 032

Birds of Prey. Red-tailed Hawk, immature Broad-winged Hawk and immature Bald Eagle.WillowRT 039

BongKestrel 073bbbCopy of BEagle18WNelson

In honor of the season.FallPets08 014DSC_0200FallPets 057

Every once in a while I like to show a shot that I made while teaching group workshops in our local zoo.  I am not sure whether this Tiger is Siberian or Bengal but she is pretty either way.DSC_1555bbb

The last word!  Common Grackle.Copy of BY2012 029

Well not quite the last word.

Today’s Sermon

For all of my life, my favorite thing in the world was to be out-of-doors.  There is nothing like it, and it’s free. The sun on my face, the sound of the birds singing, even a gentle rain.  + 100 f or -20 f, I would spend my time outside.  Like everyone, there were times as I grew into adulthood,  that I replaced my time outside with the “stuff” I had to do inside.  There were times when I said, “I’ll take that walk tomorrow”.  Photography changed all of that for me.  Now I had a reason to go out.  I could bring mementos back with me. I could share not only what I found in the out-of-doors, but I could share my personal vision of what I found.  Now I was driven to be outside.  I could stay home and watch television, or I could take a walk with my cameras.  I’ll bet that little meadow I love so much has flowers blooming right now.  The light is perfect for some pictures.

I’ve never had a day job that was truly an outdoor job.  I was never a farmer or a conservationist.  Just the same, almost all of my jobs kept me moving from place to place.  Driving jobs, sales jobs, etc.  You can’t go from place to place without going outside.  Of course the job that really got me outside was that of a nature photographer.

Most of you who read this blog, photograph nature or something else that resides out-of-doors.  I know some of you are out making pictures even more than I was, but I am sure many of you say…well…maybe tomorrow.  Do it today if you can.  Just picture how it might be if you lost the ability to really get out an enjoy the outdoors.  Do everything good in life while you have the chance.

Forget the troubles of the world and go outside and enjoy your day,                                Wayne

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4 Responses to All Mixed Up

  1. ron says:

    Here’s an Amen to your sermon……AMEN!

  2. ron says:

    It might pay better than being a photographer.

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