Wings & Things

There’s no real method to my madness with today’s selection of images.  I randomly chose some bird pix as well as other things with wings.  Then in keeping with my everything in nature philosophy, I have added a few other subjects.  No real rhyme or reason.

Enough clichés?

I didn’t ID the dragonflies in today’s post.  I often manage to slip up on dragons and get the male/female thing wrong so I just put them up naked, so to speak.


Female Northern Harrier hunting.z1Harrier70 025

OspreyzzOspreo98b 011

Male Bufflehead DuckzzzDSC_0189

Male Goldeneye DuckzzzeDSC_7255

Western Grebe in winter plumage.zzzzCopy of DSC_8613-01

Eared GrebezzzzzGSDunesANWR 127

Horned GrebeszzzzzzsubHGfox 121

Snowy EgretzzzzzzzDSC_1636

Nest building….Great-blue HeronzzzzzzzeCopy of DSC_1180

Make Pine GrosbeakzzzzzzzzzDSC_2990b

White-crowned SparrowzzzzzzzzzDSC_6860

Buckeye Butterfly & Purple ConeflowerzzzzzzzzzzzBfDf 077

Pearl Crescent ButterflyzzzzzzzzzzzzaDSC_5752-02

Wood Nymph ButterflyDSC_2448bcd

Mud Dauber WaspzzzzzzzzzzzzIBeachWasp 017


DragonflyzzzzzzzzzzzzzzGhopperLily 120


I made this picture in 2007 in a Colorado mountain meadow.  I was getting the itch to walk in the mountains and so I did.  I carried equipment for picture making but this was really about making one last hike in the Rocky Mountains.  I am not sure just how far my trek was, but 8 to 10 miles round trip seems about right. I admit that I only came home with a few good pictures from the adventure.  I really didn’t mind.  I made a few fairly powerful images of flower covered meadows with mountains in the background, and a few more common photos like this one of a meadow only.  It might seem like that wasn’t much to show for an arduous hike in the mountains, but every once in a while the experience is even more important than pictures.zzzzzzzzzzzzzzztCollinsCanyon 015

Believe it or not…..a shot ( top image) of Wisconsin’s Morgan Falls that I have never shown before. The second image, or one just like it, has previously been shown. I have made pictures here at least a dozen times and this place is on my list of my sacred locations.  Both the nature lover and the photographer inside of me love Morgan Falls.  In the many years that I have created pictures here I only saw one other person and that on my final visit.  That person was another photographer and while I enjoyed meeting him, I took it as a sign it was time for me to leave for good.zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzDSC_0032zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzDSC_0039

Depending on the time of year and the actual year that I was there, I have found everything from volumes of water spilling over the cliff in every direction, to one small trickle taking the 80 foot dive.

Morgan Falls now has heavier visitation than when I went and I would not be shocked to find paved trails and a bridge across the river.  That is enough for me to be glad that I went when I did.  I am sort of happy that she was selfishly my own personal friend over the years.  No sharing her except for images.

I will miss her gentle elegance.  I will miss tip toeing across the rocks with 50 pounds of camera gear, and slipping into the water with one foot.  The trip back to the car with one soaked foot, was something I came to look forward to.  Sort of a tradition. Goodbye old friend.

Have a great day,                                                                                                                                   Wayne

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